What Are The Best CBD Products? Here’s Some Advice From A Yoga Teacher

organic cbd lotion pain and inflammation

By Bri Leonard

How are you feeling? Are you stressed, experiencing chronic pain, anxious, lethargic, or maybe you’re not sleeping well? I know personally I used to be a melting pot of all these energetic states. Still am sometimes.

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I grew up in the competitive dance/cheer circuit and am currently a professional yoga instructor. As I get older, I have noticed that I have collected a variety of injuries, both physical and energetic. When I was younger, I was able to just push through the pain along with the anxious thoughts of my mind and function with only 4 hours of sleep. Time has humbled me, my body has as well. The cocktail of medications I was on for pain and sleep lead me to zombieland, I felt like I was losing my soul in the mission to heal myself. Over the years the dishonest actions of “Big Pharma” left me feeling lost. Who do I trust to help me when I am vulnerable, sleep deprived, or in pain? I have turned to nature, and the beautiful emerald hemp plant to aid my journey to natural health and wellness.

In 2019 I made a decision to steer away from over the counter medications and try to take on a more holistic approach to treating my body. I have been taking CBD and other cannabinoids for over two years now, and I feel my body, mind, and spirit reconstructing.

Have you been thinking about walking away from pharmaceuticals too? If the answer is yes, you have landed in the right place my friend. Nestled in the green foothills of colorful Colorado; a quaint seed to shelf company called Blue Forest Farms is healing people through the power of cannabis. They are known for some of the strongest genetics in the game and they hold the title of Colorado’s best CBD seed company, and best cannabinoid products.

Come with me as I give you the guidance I wish I had when venturing down the path of natural healing. Let us break down some of my favorite Blue Forest Farms products and what they are best used for.

Best CBD Product for discomfort: I have had plenty of hip tension and discomfort in the past from running paired with a disciplined yoga practice, the only thing that has helped me is BFF’s Maximum Relief Pack. Loaded with terpenes, and the raw whole hemp plant extract, this trio is no joke when it comes to providing you with relief from tension and discomfort. These three powerful items collectively provide natural relief!

  • The 03 Tincture Has a lemony tart flavor that is refreshing when added to your morning tea or if you take from dropper to tongue. Not only does the 03 help with daily tension it is great for implementing a regular sleep pattern and calms my feelings of overwhelm. Regular use of CBD can help build a healthy baseline for your endocannabinoid system to promote overall balance and a sense of well-being for your body. The 03 formula comes in a 600mg and 1200mg potency, which helps in finding the perfect dose for your lifestyle and regimen.
  • The 07 Soft Gels A lot of my friends have been wanting to try CBD. However, they are not fans of ingesting an oil every day (taste or texture is usually the case). Of course, Blue Forest Farms has a solution for that too, it is their 07 soft gels! Made with the raw whole plant extract, the 07 containing 25mg of combined cannabinoids per soft gel (CBDA, CGBA, CBCA, CBDVA, and THCA). I normally take my 07 Soft Gels once a day every day of the week and I find myself moving around in the world with ease, presence, and an uplifted state of mind. The 07 provides soothing relief without drowsiness, perfect for pairing with your daily vitamins or keep them on the sink to take right after you brush your teeth. I recommend taking 1-2 07 Soft Gels once a day, every day of the week.
  • Relief Lotion This lotion is what I encourage my fellow yogi’s, climbers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, hikers, and dog parents to use after their physical routines. It helps provide an instant cooling sensation to ease tension and support sensitive areas of the body. Apply on the area that is experiencing discomfort and within 5 minutes feel the airy, cooling relief of the lotion. This product packs in 1,000mg of CBD per jar to optimize the healing and effectiveness of the lotion. My grandma also takes it support the health of her hands, it helps her hold her great-grand kids and cook with ease, just like she used to 30 years ago. Apply as needed throughout the day.

Best CBD Product for Sleep: Millions of Americans deal with sleep disruptions or difficulties. Once I started taking Blue Forest Farms 06 CBN Formula, I started seeing results after 2 weeks!

  • The 06 CBN Formula (tincture) CBN is a cannabinoid that supports your body’s natural ability to properly release melatonin, the good stuff our brain makes to help you fall asleep. This is what dreams, and the 06 formula are made of. CBN helps the body naturally fall asleep and stay asleep without any groggy feelings afterwards. Yes, this product will make you sleep like a baby, and it can also help with discomfort and muscle tension! If you are not able to sleep because discomfort has you up tossing and turning, The 06 formula is for you! 06 is offered in a variety of potencies and flavors: 600mg, 900mg, and 1200mg. Take 1 dropper every night 30-60mins before bedtime.

Best CBD Product for emotional wellness: Millions of adults globally deal with some form of nerves, overwhelm, or general emotional turmoil and tension. Blue Forest Farms has created the 02 Broad Spectrum Gummies to make it easy and sweet to support your overall emotional wellness

  • 02 Broad Spectrum Chill Gummies These little gummies are tasty, natural, and they are also VEGAN! I love how conscious BFF is, being kind to mother nature and understanding that not everyone wants to take a tincture, smoke flower, or apply a topical. A little secret, these gummies are the only way I can get my husband to take CBD. He eats 2 gummies a day, on some days more! The 02 formula allows you to maintain grounded energy throughout your busy day and ease general feelings of tension. Take 1-4 gummies a day, they are so tasty you cannot have just 1!

I hope this helps you on your quest to physical and mental health. One thing to be conscious about when taking CBD is that this is not like your standard prescription drug. It takes consistent daily usage over time (3-4 weeks typically) to receive the gifts of the hemp plant. This is because the cannabinoids are of nature, nature moves a bit slower than something engineered from chemicals in a lab. Have temperance with your journey. Like yoga, CBD and other cannabinoids are going to work in harmony with your body. Be patient, love the process and watch yourself illuminate.

Bri was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Bri has always been rooted in movement. Growing up Bri was a competitive dancer and cheerleader; craving community and connection she found yoga a few years after moving to Boulder in 2014. In 2016 Bri completed her first Sculpt and 200hr YTT. Bri is certified in Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yin and Sculpt. Within the past year Bri has leaned into her passion to teach and share the gift of yoga with the world, she started her own podcast called Healing House. Bri provides a heart pumping hot class that will strengthen your heart and body.