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Our high CBD hemp seeds are different from marijuana because they contain legal amounts (.3% or less) of Δ9 THC and do not have psychoactive effects. Colorado has implemented an agricultural pilot program under Section 7606 of the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill.
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Blue Forest Farms

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Driven by radical innovation. Inspired by Modern Genetics. Our 150-acre, organic hemp farm is home to some of the best varietals in the world.

From seed, to soil to harvest – BFF has the experience, team and resources necessary for success. Offering high CBD flower, genetics and extracts, our mission is to revolutionize the hemp industry in a purposeful, intentional and scientific way.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our products are naturally refined down to their simplest, purest forms.


Innovation is what drives us. Our state of the art genetics and organic refinement allow us to pursue the exceptional.


A fresh take on the Traditional. Crafting modern solutions for an ever growing industry. Set a higher standard for quality.

Do What You Love

Do what you love and love what you do. Drive and Inspire change. Innovation happens when creativity meets inspiration. We believe good things come together organically. Knowing the secret to happiness is about flowing not forcing. Our natural products are carefully curated, passionately enjoyed and responsibly farmed. Believe in what’s possible. Choose hemp, grow love.

Give Back

BFF is dedicated to raising awareness, and donates a portion of our profits to great causes & charities. We believe giving back means more than just time. It means pouring help back into the communities and causes the world so desperately needs to support. When everyone feels valued & respected, with access to the same opportunities, we all win.

Pursue the Exceptional

In a market saturated by offerings, BFF is not your ordinary organic farm. A leading name of high quality, and a global expression that marks our evolution from local staple to global pioneer. Our hand crafted products are maximized to show our love & obsession for clean living. Subtle & sophisticated – Simple & natural. Embark on a journey of unexpected style & power.

Extracts & Oil

Our extracts have strong terpene profiles, contain only pure ingredients, and have balanced cannabinoid levels. We use CO2 or ethanol extraction to ensure the highest quality products with low impurities. Our extracts include Isolated CBD, Full Spectrum Distillates, Whole Plant Extract, and THC Free Extracts.

Hemp Seeds

Our hemp seeds come in both feminized and unfeminized versions. The seeds are genetically stable and ready to plant directly after being bought. Our industrial hemp strains are isolated to produce products with high CBD content. Explore Chardonnay, BaOx, Berry Blossom, Cobbler, Cherry Wine, The Otto II, and The Wife hemp seeds.
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Blue Forest Hemp Collection

An Unexpected Revolution – Hemp is Changing the World.

Our mission is to share a world & create a life worth living. Do what you love and embrace limitless opportunity for everyone.

Believe in what’s possible. Revolutionize the value of your products. Differentiate your brand – break the status quo.

Become IconicIncorporate SimpleBe EffectiveBe Positive.

We Offer the Best CBD Flower, Oil and Varietals on the Market.

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