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Queen Dream brings together two iconic local varieties, The Wife and R5. The phenotypes of both parents were selected for their homogeneity and desired attributes. Queen Dream has capacious growth characteristics, with a consistent plant structure (3-6ft height, 3-5ft width). It has a slightly later flowering time which allows for larger vegetative plants, resulting in larger yields at the end of the season. Queen Dream also has an exceptional terpene profile ranging from citrus and candy, to sweetbread and hops.

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Additional Info

  • Terpene Rich – Bred for organic terpene isolation on the botanical side, our genetically diverse strains deliver exceptional levels of flavor and value.
  • Genetically Stable – Our stable and consistent genetics ensure high cannabinoid production at legal levels. Take the guesswork out of your grow.
  • Ready to Plant – Scalable solutions for a growing industry. BFF genetics are ready to plant.
  • Our hemp seeds are dense and produce high CBD hemp strains.
  • Natural ingredients. Without the use of heavy pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, or additives.
  • THC is under .30%. Legal in all 50 states. Lab tested.

Lab Report

Better Genetics Grows Better Hemp

Here at Blue Forest Farms we pride ourselves on providing the best hemp genetics available in the industry to our customers. Last year over four percent of all hemp grown in the United States was from Blue Forest Farms seedstock.

We are currently collaborating with some of the top universities for agriculture research in the United States including Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Ohio State University, University of Kentucky and Cornell among others to perform field trials on several of our strains. The data from these field trials, and previous studies conducted across the U.S., allow us to provide informed, data-driven assistance to our customers in order to provide the best performing strains based on the climate of the customer’s geographic location.

Blue Forest Farms has also built a research laboratory with modern, state-of-the-art instruments and equipment that enable us to take our genetics and breeding program to the next level. With this technology we conduct genetic analyses including, but not limited to, Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) and Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS), coupled with next generation high-throughput sequencing. Furthermore, we employ cutting edge molecular breeding technologies that enable us to improve our existing seedstock in addition to generating new strains with novel biochemical phenotypes providing an unprecedented competitive advantage. These new strains also provide significant opportunities for intellectual property and patents further solidifying our already established presence in the hemp industry.

12 reviews for Queen Dream Hemp Seeds

  1. Patrick Greene (verified owner)

    We just recently (3/16/2021) germinated 10 seeds and had a 100% germination rate!
    We placed 8 of them into 5 gallon smart pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest as the grow medium on the 3/17/2021 and so far 4 of the 8 have broken soil, and we are pretty confident the other 4 will be popping up any day now.
    Overall Im truly happy with our purchase and the product. I don’t think I’ll be looking anywhere else for our hemp seeds.

  2. anon.aiki

    As a previous recreational cannabis producer in WA state, I grew Queen Dream in my family garden last season, grown outdoors using true living organics, water, sunshine, and love. No ‘fertilzer (read: chemicals), no pesticides, no problems – Zero. The seeds (90 germination rate) all but exploded into growth, more like firing a rocket than ‘seed germination’. Things only progressively improved from there. Queen Dream demonstrated some of the most stable genetics I have ever witnessed. The plants all grew strong, from seedling stage (don’t blink!), to root development, to outdoor transplant hardening, to explosive unimpeded vegetative growth, to flower set and maturation, all the way to harvest in early to mid-October. I actuated the dried flowers in oven at 220 degrees for 30 minutes, then slow simmered a 50/50 olive oil/Queen Dream flower mix using a coffee maker hot plate for several hours. I have tried 4-5 commercial CBD products, and like taking a vitamin, I know CBD oil is healthy but I’ve never felt any visceral results. Within 30 minutes of initial oral ingestion, I literally felt a vigor and vitality of physical and spiritual constitution that I haven’t experienced in decades. This lasted for 5 days at one dropper per day. I simply cannot express how positive Queen Dream has proven for me, for my specific neuro-physical condition, and my quality of life. Further, the oil also visibly reduced my mother’s Parkinson’s tremor upon first dose. Extra-ordinary! Queen Dream is outstanding, plain and simple. Thanks Blue Forest Farms!

  3. Nancy Collins

    I purchased 6 feminized seeds of Queen Dream in the early Spring of 2020. All seeds sprouted and grew into strong seedlings for transplanting to the out doors in late April/Early May All plants thrived using no pesticides and only a small amount of organic fertilizer and grew healthy and strong through harvest in October. I have used the plant material to make CBD Oil using MCT oil and Coconut Oil with great results. I would highly recommend Blue Forest Farms Seeds

  4. Aaron P

    I have purchased seeds from Oregon and Growers in Canada. By far Blue Forrest have the best growing, strongest growing plants I have used. Blue has excellent genetics. Their seeds have an excellent germination rate. Nine out of ten seeds will kick and grow. Way better than what I’ve experienced from other growers. Genetics are very important to germination, growth, and flowering. Blue has it down.

  5. Everest

    The seedlings were resilient, it is hot and humid here in the costal plain of NC. The seedlings experienced some issues due to limiting environmental factors but none the less they hit a groove and we got them planted with a tobacco planter into raised plasticulture. We dealt with over saturated soil early summer, then a hurricane later on, then lots of caterpillar damage. But none the less we got a harvest and it looked and smelled and taste really great. The terpene profile of queen dream is very juicy. Froot loops x gassy x smooth. The bud formation exhibited more elongated node spacing which is a nice trait for the humid climate. This strain was severely affected by botrytis and leaf spot disease as well as another top death condition that was mysterious. Due to the long flowering period we were able to push past some of the negative symptoms and get a lovely harvest in October. Most of it was used for broad spectrum oil extraction. The high CBD:THC ratio is legit

  6. Terry Williamson

    Great to deal with. Received extra seeds and all seeds germinated. All plants produced as they should. Very sticky and skunky.

  7. Robert Zick

    I sprouted five seeds in late Feb., 2020 and they all had good vigor. Five plants were transplanted into my raised bed near Murphy, NC in early April. One of the five got squeezed out by two others and another went down in a bad storm. Three made it to maturity (6 – 7 ft tall/width). Provided about 4 lbs of good buds, when dried. Excellent products!

  8. Laura / Jim M

    Great experience. Sent seeds out quickly given last minute state approval at our end. They were on hand to help with growing questions. Queen dream was a beautiful and hearty plant. Survived two frosts, extreme heat and a dry season although we did irrigate to assist. This plant grew to the specs promised. Terpenes were nice and CBD where it was suppose to be. Smelled like a citrus, piney combo. Although we still have it all bucked for PA issues and no processor in area, plant didn’t let us down. ( If any processor interested contact us at Sant Spring Farms PA 570.657.7293)

  9. Laura / Jim M

    Had a few thousand Queen Dream. A high percentage of seeds grew to beautiful plants that produced far beyond expectations. I will miss the wonderful sweet, citrusy scent we had the pleasure of experiencing. It sprouted quickly, grew although initially spindly, it quickly sturdied up and despite a dry hot summer and several fall frosts produced a wonderful plant. Now if only PA could get their production forward moving we could sell it to someone who will be buying a well bucked plant and end product. Any leads on anyone interested in buying it let us know.

  10. Juan V

    Queen dream was an early finisher with thick dense sticky and smelly flowers. Several plants were larger than most and the strain was very resilient in a non irrigated field setting. No COA yet, if it analyzes nicely its a winner. Grew alongside several other strains and it shined.

  11. Elvera C

    I loved that plant. During my trial period with Hemp I lost some. I may have babied it too much but the ones that grew to maturity gave me hope and turned out very well. This new year, I hope to be more successful with my plants

  12. AL L

    Great plants 100% germination they were very slow germinating though. Right now plants are 7 ft and 8 ft tall hoping for a great harvest.

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