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It All Starts With the Genetics

Simply put we grow better hemp. Our genetics program has ensured we produce hemp plants that are higher in CBD with low THC levels.

Searching for the best hemp seeds and genetics over the years, Blue Forest Farms became frustrated with the lack of options available and couldn’t find anything that offered the right stability, consistency and results. This led us to start breeding hemp seeds in-house, incorporating genotyping with other scientific techniques and trialing different strains to get the solutions and results that meet our standards.

Sunshine, Water, CBD, Repeat…

Our farm in Colorado grows sun-kissed hemp + and we take that harvest and make all of our products with love.

With 40+ years of combined experience our team of farmers, botanists, and extraction specialists know their hemp. Our hemp farm is located in Longmont, Colorado and is where all of our CBD products begin their process.

Blue Forest Farms is fully and legally registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA). All of our industrial hemp products are grown using safe, farming practices.

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Overseeing the Extraction Process

How hemp oil is extracted from the plant makes a big difference. We’re pushing boundaries in the lab to deliver better products to your door.

Blue Forest Farms extracts its oil at its advanced lab in Colorado Springs. In addition to common CBD oil like full spectrum and isolate, Blue Forest Farms strong believes that CBD is not one size fits all. We strive to be on the cutting edge of CBD oil formulas including cannabinoids like CBDV, CBN, CBG and CBA. Our goal is to provide our customers with a choice in CBD oil that fits their unique needs and body. Learn more about our oil types.

Better CBD Product Formulas

We source the best ingredients to ensure a product that is of higher quality and simply tastes better than others on the market.

CBD Hemp oil isn’t the only thing that goes into a CBD product. All of our ingredients our and of the best quality to ensure they meet our high standards. You won’t find any hard-to-swallow CBD oil at Blue Forest Farms or low strength lotion that doesn’t do the job. We then independently test every product we sell.

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