Blue Forest Farms has premium, high CBD hemp seeds for sale that you can conveniently purchase online. Growers of all sizes can buy CBD hemp seeds for growing from Blue Forest Farms whether you are looking to plant thousands of acres or are in need of just a few small packs for your backyard grow.

Blue Forest Farms has provided CBD hemp seeds throughout the world. Our industry-recognized genetics program has given our seeds a reputation for yielding hemp plants that are high quality, phenotypically consistent, and within federally compliant, legal levels of THC (0.3% or less), meaning they are non-psychoactive and legal to grow across the United States and beyond.

CBD Hemp Seed Strains Currently Available

Whether you’re looking for hemp seeds for planting or feminized hemp seed starts, we have all your needs to begin growing high CBD seeds. We offer a selection of industrial hemp seeds that are tried and tested to offer the best benefits depending on your needs all while being legally compliant for easy shipping.

Don’t be limited to just one or two strains of CBD seeds. Our selection of hemp seeds for growing all offer excellent yields and phenotypic consistency for the best harvest possible along with a variety of different terpene profiles. From fruit-forward CBD seeds and pine and hop-forward flavors to seeds that offer high oil yields, you can find it all with Blue Forest Farms CBD hemp seeds for growing.

And the best part? Our high CBD hemp seeds for sale start can be purchased from as low as $.50!

Browse our CBD hemp seeds for growing today.

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Custom Order CBD Hemp Seeds

Get Started. Let Us Get You a Quote For Your Custom Hemp CBD Seed Needs.

Interested in purchasing our hemp seeds for growing? Whether you want to create the perfect blend of CBD seeds or seedlings or purchase smokable CBD flowers directly from the source, we’re here to help.

Tell us about your CBD hemp seeds needs and we can let you know which hemp seeds for growing are best for you. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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What Sets Blue Forest Farms Hemp CBD Seeds Apart?

With so many hemp seeds for growing on the market, why choose Blue Forest Farm CBD seeds?

Spoiler alert: it’s our commitment to quality. 

We’ve painstakingly selected the best genetics for high-yield, high-CBD hemp plants. Here’s why you should choose us for your hemp hobby garden or your small hemp farm business.

The Best Hemp CBD Seed Genetics

Genetics is our answer to seeds that actually perform. With consistently high cannabinoid ratios and unmatched uniformity, our genetics take the uncertainty out of hemp to ensure your success.

Blue Forest Farms has worked hard to dial in high-quality genetics that deliver a predictably top-notch hemp flower crop every time. We love our high-CBD cannabis seeds, and we know you’re going to love them as well.

When you buy CBD (cannabidiol) seeds from a mystery breeder or seed bank on the internet, there’s no telling what you’re going to get. A lot of these seeds ship from overseas. 

You may receive fake seeds, old seeds, male seeds, seeds that produce plants with low CBD content, seeds with high THC content, or seeds that produce low-yield plants. That’s why it’s so important to choose a reputable source that values quality and hemp genetics — especially if you’re looking for a CBD-rich cannabis strain.

Achieve an exceptional return on investment. Our stable, genetically isolated hemp seeds give your grow the best chance of success. Our low THC levels, combined with High CBD-level genetics, ensure your crop won’t run hot, with CBD levels averaging in the 13-18% range

Each one of our strains was handpicked for the sole purpose of industrial growth and harvest. Have peace of mind knowing that our exceptional quality control standards, commitment to excellence, and socially responsible approach ensure you are investing in a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

High CBD Hemp Seeds

All our hemp seeds for growing are feminized and are genetically stable and ready to be planted immediately upon purchase. We isolate our industrial hemp seeds to produce products with high CBD content.

Perfect for outdoor or indoor growing climates, and do not require greenhouses to finish. Perfect for the extraction or raw flowers. Our High CBD Seeds offer exceptional value, with high levels of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes. Our focus in handpicking these varieties was quality, above all else. Our rare, special strains have gained popularity in the hemp cigarette industry as an alternative to smoking tobacco and marijuana, which is known for its psychoactive effects. Invest in the best. Our genetics offer extremely high research, therapeutic and economic value.

If you’re planning on making CBD products like tinctures, edibles, or topicals, then it’s important to start with these seeds. With USDA-compliant amounts of THC and quick flowering times, these seeds can help you make the pure CBD products you’re looking for.

That said, it’s important to remember that CBD is not intended to treat medical conditions or replace medical advice. While CBD comes from the same family of plants as medical cannabis, it is not approved for the same uses and does not have the same psychoactive side effects.

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Hemp CBD Seeds


United States

Perfect germination on 20 + quick delivery and also tossed extras in very good structure and tight node spacing. Strong genetics. Great team @blueforestfarms very helpful. Big ups from OwlGreenFarms 🦉

Chris G.

United States

Awesome service, and our seeds had a 99%+ germ rate, hearty seedlings, and great plants! Few thousand Hot Blonde and Queen Dream. They will go a little long so mindful of harvest time for your latitude. But I grew it out in NC and in NV and I am ecstatic with the results!! Amazing terpene profiles and great yields! Our plants are making each morning smell like heaven! Great work @blueforestfarms

William R.

United States

Spot on in every way. Quality genetics, kind people who are always willing to educate, share and support Growers no matter how simple the question. I look forward to working with them again and endorsing to our Clients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hemp Seeds

How much does hemp CBD seed cost?

The price of hemp seed varies by type. There are three types of hemp– high CBD, food grain, and fiber. At Blue Forest Farms, our high CBD hemp seeds range from about $.50-$2.50 per seed, while food grain cost about $5 per pound, and fiber hemp seeds are $3-4 per pound.

We’d be happy to give you a quote for your project. We can even help you tailor your strain selection to your growing zone or indoor grow room capabilities. Just drop us a line and let us know what you need. 

What are the best hemp CBD seeds to buy?

If you’re growing hemp for CBD, your best option is BFF’s high CBD hemp seeds, which exhibit unprecedented uniformity in the field and have been genetically optimized with farmers’ outputs in mind. Our varieties have high CBD ratios as well as a 99% feminization rate across the board. The feminization rate is especially important because CBD is extracted from female hemp plants. We are happy to provide a certificate of analysis for any of our products.

Typically, we recommend germinating indoors and planting starts outdoors. If you are unable to germinate indoors, you can alternatively purchase female clones, which are 14-21 days old and ensure exceptional performance with 0% variability. More information about the germination process can be found on our resource page.

If you are growing hemp for fiber or grain production, you do not need to purchase feminized hemp seeds. In fact, some male plants are required to pollinate the female plants for seed production.

Keeping a mix of male and female plants will allow you to create a sustainable hemp fiber farm. With both types, you can produce and plant your own seeds next season and keep going.

Where can I grow hemp CBD seeds?

Hemp can grow in most parts of the US, with the exception of extreme desert areas. Hemp seeds grow best in warm weather and well-drained soil. However, Blue Forest Farms has dedicated themselves to developing strains that have been optimized for each individual, growing climate. If you’re interested in learning which varieties work best in your region, get in touch with one of our sales representatives.

If you intend to grow your hemp seeds indoors, then you can grow them in any region. You’ll need to be mindful of your indoor growing conditions and provide enough light, water, and nutrients for each phase of the plant’s growth cycle. It’s a labor of love, and if done correctly, you’ll wind up with a plentiful harvest of hemp flower that makes it all worth it.

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of hemp within the United States. That being said, it’s still a highly regulated crop. Hemp licenses can be obtained in 49 states via the that department of agriculture or the United States Department of Agriculture. It is illegal to grow hemp in Idaho.

Laws change all the time due to changing attitudes towards hemp and the cannabis family of plants, so it’s best to check your local laws before deciding to grow hemp. Be aware of any restrictions specific to your local area, including how many hemp plants you’re allowed to grow and where you’re allowed to grow them. It’s up to you to follow the rules.

Does hemp seed contain CBD?

CBD is extracted from the flower and stalks of mature hemp plants, not from the seeds themselves. In other words, CBD hemp seeds—like the hemp seeds for sale at Blue Forest Farms—will produce hemp plants that are high in CBD. Again, the seeds themselves do not contain any CBD.

Do feminized hemp CBD seeds always produce female plants?

Using feminized hemp seeds boosts your probability of producing a female plant to at least 99%—eliminating the time, effort and resources spent tending to all plants, and ultimately, determining their genders to remove the males. In our experience using feminized hemp seeds, we typically find one or two phenotypic males per 10,000 plants.

Males have the potential to greatly decrease your yields by pollinating your female plants so we always recommend scouting even if you’re confident your seed is feminized. One or two males in 10,000 plants is significantly less detrimental than 5,000 males in 10,000 plants.

What makes a hemp CBD seed “feminized”?

Feminized hemp seed is produced without the introduction of male genetics. As a result, the plants that grow from feminized seed will not have access to the genetic information needed for male sex organs—ensuring that almost 100% of the plants produced will be female. To learn more about feminization and how it’s done, check out our blog.


Production of Feminized Seeds of High CBD Cannabis sativa L. by Manipulation of Sex Expression and Its Application to Breeding | Frontiers in Plant Science

Today we are discussing Cloning Plants through Cuttings! | Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

2018 Farm Bill Provides A Path Forward for Industrial Hemp | American Farm Bureau Federation

Full List of BFF Hemp Seed Varietals

hot blonde hemp seeds

Hot Blonde (Feminized)

Hot blonde is a select new hemp cultivar bred from two of the rarest and most sought after hemp varieties in the industry right now. Blue forest farms currently is the sole and exclusive distributor for this strain available in extremely limited quantities.

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queen dream hemp plant

Queen Dream (Feminized)

30:1 CBD to THC ratio. Large flowers, large plants (if planted timely) with floral notes of sweet bread, hops, and haze. The legendary r5 was crossed with a select phenotype of the wife, a Colorado heirloom strain grown that has been cultivated commercially here in Colorado for over 8 years. Queen Dream is a Blue forest farms exclusive offering available in limited supply.

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cherry blossom cbd hemp seeds

Cherry Blossom (Feminized)

When grading quality and performance, it is a top-level strain. The Cherry Wine selection reversed in this hybrid tested well below the legal limit of THC at full maturity (8+ weeks in flower) and averaged nearly 17% CBD from whole plant composite samples. Perfect for customers entering into the CBD farming and looking to scale quickly to large industrial agricultural acreage.

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cherry blonde hemp plant

Cherry Blonde (Feminized)

Blue Forest Farms Cherry Blonde brings together an industry staple, Cherry Wine with our exclusive Hot Blonde. This strain will be a new favorite for farmers due to its high potential for flower and oil yields and its unique Cherry and floral terpene profile.

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Cloud Berry hemp strain

Cloud Berry (Feminized)

Blue Forest Farm’s Cloud Berry is a new take on an old favorite. The Hot Blonde donor combined with a Cherry Blossom recipient will help to ensure a higher flower and oil yield. Cloud Berry’s terpene profile consists of sour cherries, and deep sweet floral notes.

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cinderella story hemp plant

Cinderella Story (Feminized)

Cherry Wine is a hybrid strain averaging 20:1 ratios of CBD to THC expression. This is a popular strain among hemp farmers and produces large, dense buds with bushy leaves. Terpene profile consists of a unique, Myrcene cherry flavor.

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the wife cbd hemp strain

The Wife (Feminized)

The Wife is a notoriously powerful hemp strain with a 20:1 CBD to THC Ratio. With a germination rate averaging 90%, this cross delivers a sweet cherry flavor and takes approximately 9 weeks to flower.

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red bordeaux cbd hemp

Red Bordeaux (Feminized)

Red Bordeaux is essentially a Berry Blossom bx that was developed with the Colorado farmer in mind concerned about early frost. With no compromise in vigor this varietal allows you to stagger your harvest beginning with Bordeaux in the middle of September. This is a huge logistical advantage when dealing with acres of biomass giving you the ability to harvest your slightly later finishers in their ideal harvest window.

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berry blossom hemp seeds

Berry Blossom (Feminized)

Berry Blossom is a cross strain with large, dense, pink buds that packs a serious punch. This aromatic hemp strain, that smells and tastes like berries, averages 15-18% CBD content. Flowering stage occurs around 9 weeks.

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cherry wine hemp seeds

Cherry Wine (Feminized)

Cherry Wine is a hybrid strain averaging 20:1 ratios of CBD to THC expression. This is a popular strain among hemp farmers and produces large, dense buds with bushy leaves. Terpene profile consists of a unique, Myrcene cherry flavor.

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the otto II hemp seeds

The Otto II (Feminized)

The Otto II is a hybrid high-CBD hemp seed developed in Colorado. Otto II is stable and breeds true for high-ratio CBD expression. Excellent for use in botanical extraction applications. Flowering occurs at 70-77 days indoors.

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cobbler hemp seeds

Cobbler (Feminized)

Cobbler is a hybrid strain with a high CBD content and .3% of THC. This unique strain is known for its citrus smell with hints of chocolate, cherries, and earthy undertones. Cobbler is a very dense strain with a terpene rich profile.

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baox hemp seeds

BaOx (Feminized)

BaOx is based on selections from an inbred-line of Hindu-Kush and the Otto II seed. The seed has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD expression, fast flowering time and a short, dense structure.

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chardonnay seeds

Chardonnay (Feminized)

Chardonnay is a hybrid strain, popular for its potent scent of sweet strawberry jam and raspberries. This strong terpene profile strain is purple, extremely dense, and has .3% THC with a high CBD content.

More Info

Stormy D (Feminized)

This is a f1 of the “trump/t1” hemp strain. Crossed with cherry blossom another popular hemp varietal. The plants will have very few phenotypes and boast indica characteristics with a gassy aroma. Average weight is 1-2.5 lbs. Optimal harvest is September 25-October 5.

More Info