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Blue Forest Farms is a minority owned hemp company with a sustainable focus. We believe that hemp can change the world and we want to help you bring hemp to the people.

We offer high CBD genetics, seed, flower and extracts. Our team of farmers, geneticists, and extraction professionals understand what it takes to deliver exceptional hemp products and wake up with one goal in mind – to provide our partners and consumers with an end product they will be proud to put their name on.

We are continuing to redefine the hemp industry with our innovative practices and focus on genetics. Blue Forest Farms is legally registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and all of our industrial hemp products are grown using safe, organic farming practices.

Our Values


Have fun, be grateful and love what you do…life is about the experience.


The little things count. We honor our word, never give up on our goals, and strive for honesty and integrity in everything we do.


We believe passion drives innovation. We love what we do and we never settle for anything less than the best


Our work is not just a job, it’s a way of life. It’s important that the things that are most central to our lives–family, balance, health, and inclusivity–are central also to our work

Our Purpose

At Blue Forest Farms, our goal is to change the world with hemp. We believe that through sustainable farming hemp possesses a unique, organic power to restore balance within our communities and fundamentally change the way humans interact with illness, the planet, and even each other.

How We Work.

Our brief is simple. Transform & make an impact. Express meaning & differentiate with bold moves that define a new future for everyone. Drive the kind of cultural change the world has been waiting for. Let’s open doors together in an unexpected way.

What We Do.

Mentorship is critical & impactful. Our mission is to spread our message of positivity using our elevated & relatable voice. BFF is dedicated to making a difference; raising awareness, looking out for each other & donating a portion of our profits to great causes.

Our Process.

Be innovative. Reinvent traditional. BFF is a revolutionary, disruptive, cutting edge brand. We believe that bold moves define a new future. BFF is pushing innovation in a modern, unexpected way. Blue Forest is an Innovator in a limitless market with opportunity for all.

Blue Forest is an Innovator in a limitless market with opportunity for all.

Our Products

High CBD Flower

Blue Forest Farms hemp flower is dense, seedless and contains a diverse terpene profile that is rich in flavor and high in therapeutic value. Designed to meet or exceed state regulations, we’ve isolated the best phenotypes for high CBD production, while retaining legal levels of THC (at .3% or less). We take pride in ensuring our flower has strong, memorable scents. Current strains include Suver Haze, Lifter, Elektra, The Wife, Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine.

Extracts + Oil

Our high CBD concentrates are balanced, pure and created to deliver the maximum value to the end user. The BFF extraction team specializes in creating THC Free – Full Spectrum Extracts, Isolated CBD, Full Spectrum Distillates and Whole Plant Extracts. Learn more about our commitment to quality. Discover why our extracts are known for their rich terpene profiles, balanced cannabinoid levels and premium grade quality.

Seed Sales

Blue Forest Farms hemp seed is available in feminized and unfeminized versions. Genetically stable and ready to plant, these industrial hemp strains have been isolated for high CBD production. Hand selected by our team for balanced terpene & cannabinoid production, our certified strains are stable and consistent. Our hemp seeds range from 13-18% in CBD content, making them ideal for industrial hemp farmers looking for high yields, in a safe, repeatable manner.

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