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What Sets Us Apart?

Choosing a CBD private label (or CBD white label) organization to partner with is no small feat. Not all CBD manufacturers are created equal, but when you start a CBD business you want to work with only the best.

Blue Forest Farms is one of the best white label CBD companies you can work with. When you choose BFF, you can streamline starting up your CBD company with help from our CBD hemp experts, a variety of quality hemp to choose from, and superior customer service.

Launch Your Private Label CBD Products Line

Create your own hemp retail line and become a recognized name in the CBD industry. BFF white label CBD services elevate your brand awareness and allow you to launch the perfect product, in half the time.

Our team of industry experts will manage your products from idea to conception. Whether you want to create your own line of hemp oils, bath bombs, or beauty products, we can help turn your concept into a reality.

Work with a Strategic CBD White Label CBD Partner

We have all of the strategic partnerships in place to ensure your launch is up and running in no time. Let us consult with your in-house staff to create your market offering and develop the best product line.

Have peace of mind knowing our team will produce the highest quality offering of CBD white label products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you likely have a lot of questions around how CBD manufacturers private label products. Here, we answer some FAQs that can help you decide if private label or white label services are right for you.

How do you make a white label hemp product?

The white label process requires a few different steps. The Blue Forest Farms team gets to know you, your needs, and what exactly you’re looking for in a product/s. Then, we select one of our proven formulas or create a custom formulate that best meets your needs.

Once the actual product is made, we package it in the container of your choice and it’s ready for the shelves. Our graphic designer team can even work with you to create a label to make your brand stand out.

In short, we take our powerful, proven and consistent formulations, made with our genetics, and make them your own. This helps get your product to market quickly and efficiently.

What are white label products?

White label products are products that have been developed and tested by us but display your branding and label. They are an excellent way to bring your brand to life while receiving expert guidance along the way.

Our team of geneticists, extraction professionals, and entrepreneurs know exactly what it takes to create a product worth investing in, which is why we want to help you share the healing power of hemp. From formulation, to packaging, to label design, we’re with you every step of the way.

This ensures you’re bringing a product to market that you’re proud of. The addition of custom labels will make your brand stick out as you build a loyal customer base and a recognizable presence.

What are white label services?

Blue Forest Farms white label services allow you to launch your CBD brand in significantly less time. By using our proven formulas, you can be confident you’re bringing the highest quality product to market. The Blue Forest Farms team is here to make it easy. Our team of visionaries will help you select the perfect formula and packaging, and can even assist with graphic design.

What does white label branding mean?

White label branding is when an end-product is produced by one company but is re-branded and re-sold by another. In our case, this would be taking one of Blue Forest Farms potent, pure tinctures, softgels, or balms and putting your branding on the final product.

What is the difference between white label and private label?

The main difference between white label and private label is customization. At Blue Forest Farms, we offer both.

A white label product is technically one company’s exact, standard product with another company’s branding. Essentially, it’s just putting your label on your favorite BFF product. This option is usually ideal for small businesses who want to bring their product to market quickly.

Private label hemp products, on the other hand, are tailored to you. These are usually customized formulas that have been developed with our team. Customization can range from cannabinoid blends to the tincture flavor. This option is best if you have more time to commit to creating a truly one-of-a-kind product.

The complete customization offered by private label services can truly help set your product apart. If you live in an area where the CBD market is competitive, a private label can give you an edge since you’re offering a truly custom forumulate that people can’t find elsewhere.

Why white label?

White label services allow you to create your own brand using a proven formula that has been backed by consumer research and science. Blue Forest Farms develops gorgeous oils using only the finest ingredients sourced from organic hemp. White Labeling allows you to focus on other sectors of your business, while saving money and time during the product creation process.

If you have more questions about our CBD private label services, get in touch with the BFF team today. We’re happy to learn more about your business and see how private or white label products can be beneficial.