CBD has been found to help people with a wide variety of mental and physical health issues. It has a unique ability to work with your body’s natural endo-cannabinoid system which impacts key areas including energy, digestion, tension, discomfort, stress, mood, and sleep, just to name a few.

CBD for Your Stress*

An all-natural substance, CBD works through the endocannabinoid system that is already active within the human body. Because of this, when you use CBD, you are increasing the effectiveness of a natural regulatory system. When you find the right amount for and the right method of using CBD, you will be amazed at the lasting and beneficial effects this incredible little compound can have for you or your pets.

When taken at lower doses, it seems that CBD has some very powerful tension-reducing effects. By influencing the body’s natural response to stress and improving your ability to maintain homeostasis, CBD can help ease feelings of tension and overwhelm. When your body is in a state of stress for a long period of time, there are negative consequences on your ability to function. A more regular daily dose of CBD or a dose taken before nerve-inducing experiences like public speaking may help to relieve some of these negative consequences.

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CBD for Your Discomfort*

Relief from discomfort is one of the most common uses for CBD. Discomfort can interfere with daily life and tasks, with a multitude of different causes. Having a naturally produced option like CBD is often a safe method to gain some relief without negative side effects. CBD can reduce tension helping reduce feelings of discomfort in general.

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CBD for Your Sleep*

Often, it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep after a stressful and busy day. Yet sleep is one of the most important factors involved in good mental and physical health. An important benefit of CBD is getting some help falling and staying asleep. CBD has been known to result in a sleep that is deeper and more restful the next morning. By working to ease other problems like feelings of tension or overwhelm, CBD can help people stay and remain more calm, thus preventing common challenges to getting a good night of sleep.

CBD for Your Heart*

CBD has been linked to general support for healthy blood pressure and overall heart health. Through a direct impact or through the indirect effect on feelings of tension, CBD can help support your heart health in general. Often used in conjunction with other treatment methods, like stress reduction, dietary changes, and exercise, CBD may help people maintain healthy blood pressure.

Know Your Side Effects*

As with anything that is ingested into or absorbed by the body, CBD has some potential side effects. This is why it’s important to consult with a doctor before incorporating any new supplement into your routine. While the occurrence of side effects varies from person to person and depends on dosage, monitoring how you react to CBD can be important to gaining the most benefits. Some possible side effects of taking CBD include changes in mood or appetite, bowel issues, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, or nausea. CBD has also been found to interact with some blood pressure medications.

CBD for Pets

The most common pet that CBD has been used for so far is dogs. In fact, most of the information available today is regarding how CBD can benefit your dog, as well as common or possible side effects in dogs. At Blue Forest Farms, we love the idea of helping all of your pets, whether they are dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, snakes, or some other adorable creature. The work is ongoing to show just how CBD ought to be administered to your loved animals. Keep in mind that there is no formal approval for giving CBD to your pets, but that the research is working to show the many benefits, and some studies have shown successful results. CBD is an all-natural, plant-based compound, and is likely a great alternative to available medicines or chemically-based products. For now, we would like to provide you with an overview of some of the ways in which CBD has helped pets so far, mostly when used for our furry friend, the dog.

CBD for Pets and Their Nervousness*

It is not uncommon for animals to suffer from various forms of nervousness or tension. While not quite the same as in humans, anxiety in animals can be debilitating on the pet’s well-being and physical health. Two familiar forms of pet anxiety for many of us pet owners include separation nerves or fear as a result of noise. When you are seeing your dog or pet suffer when you are gone at work or during thunderstorms, it is difficult to get it off of your mind. The same mechanisms that help CBD reduce tension in humans can take effect in dogs as well.

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CBD for Pets and Their Appetite*

If you have had a dog before, you might be familiar with times when he or she just will not eat. Whether it is because you have changed their food, altered something in their routine, or because they are dealing with a slight stomach bug, dogs will occasionally just refuse to eat a healthy amount of food. This can be true of any pet. CBD has been seen to support a pet’s appetite during these periods. This benefit of CBD for your pet can be very important for keeping them nourished and healthy. Additionally, as opposed to some medications or other possible intervention, CBD can be administered just once or twice without a long-term change for your animal.

CBD for Pets and Their Joint Health and Comfort*

Similar to how it works in humans, CBD can be used as a way to reduce general feelings of joint discomfort for your dog or pet. CBD can provide general support for overall joint health and mobility, helping your pet continue playing, walking, and tail-wagging as they please. This can be especially beneficial as your pet grows older, and CBD may help them, and their joints, stay comfortable.

Know Their Side Effects*

As in humans, it is possible for your pet to experience side effects of using CBD. Common side effects include dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness. While these may not necessarily be harmful to your pet or dog, they are important to keep an eye on. It is possible to take too much CBD and you will want to keep your tincture, isolate, food, or treat containing CBD in a safe place. Consult with your veterinarian about any possible interaction effects with other medications or supplements your pet is taking.

Take Home Message About CBD for You and Your Pet*

CBD has some incredible potential for helping you and your pet with a number of issues. Through maintaining homeostasis across a number of bodily systems, CBD can have wide-reaching beneficial effects. As with anything else you are ingesting or applying topically, it is important to be aware of how CBD may interact with other medicines or treatments, and always remember to stay informed about current research as well as possible side effects. The wonderful effects of CBD are better understood every day. At Blue Forest Farms, we have made CBD our life and we believe in the ultimate healing power of the cannabis plant. Feel free to contact us today for more information or to ask any questions you may have about how CBD can help you or your pet.