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Growing Hemp at Home in the Czech Republic

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When it comes to growing CBD – there aren’t many places more accepting than the Czech Republic. Over the last decade the country has decriminalized the possession and consumption of drugs, and has adopted one of the most liberal stances to cannabis in the world.

Czech growers are about to get another boost.

In June 2021 week the Czech Republic’s Chamber of Deputies approved a bill that – if passed by the Senate – would set the THC limit for industrial hemp at a full 1.0% and set the stage for the legal marketing of CBD-based natural extracts as foods. The measure is expected to have a very good chance of enactment, and if passed, the law would go into effect in January 2022.

Here’s how the changes can help CBD farmers in the Czech Republic:

Higher THC Limit Will Benefit Czech Hemp Growers

If Czech lawmakers increase the limit for THC in hemp (currently at 0.3%) to 1.0%, it would set the country in conflict with the EU, which increased the limit for THC in hemp from 0.2% to 0.3%. It also would put the Czech Republic within an exclusive group of nations establishing 1.0% THC as their national limit, breaking with the generally accepted global standard of 0.3%.

The higher level gives hemp farmers breathing room in field crops, which can go over the THC limit under some conditions. CBD content grows in proportion to THC in hemp plants, which would make the process of extraction even more efficient. Czech growers would also have an advantage among other European competitors.

And, finished hemp products with less than 1.0% THC would not be considered addictive substances and be freely available at retail.

Restrictions On Marketing CBD in the Czech Republic Will Be Dropped

The proposed changes will also allow the marketing of extracts like isolates and tinctures. This means CBD-based extracts, like hemp food, food supplements and cosmetics can be actively promoted and advertised.

In addition to the changes in Czech law, EU countries are in the process of adjusting their laws so that hemp-derived CBD will no longer be considered a narcotic, which would allow CBD to be freely traded among EU member states.

We expect these looser restrictions on sales and marketing will allow companies to communicate the benefits of CBD more effectively and therefore have the opportunity to reach new European customer bases.

Importing CBD Seeds Into the Czech Republic Remains Permitted

Czech law will continue to permit seeds to be sent into the country via the post. Many of the Blue Forest Farms CBD hemp seed varietals are ideal for growing in many regions of the county, and we are now shipping to the Czech Republic. Use the form below to get started.

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