How To Buy Feminized Seeds From Colorado

A fully grown feminized CBD plant from Colorado seeds

A fully grown feminized CBD plant from Colorado seeds

You probably noticed a recent explosion of available products that now contain CBD. This is one of over 100 chemicals in the cannabis plant. Also known for centuries as the “hemp” plant, its fast-growing stocks make durable cloth called hemp. This material has been used for centuries to make things such as sails for ships. 

The (cannabidiol) CBD market has exploded in recent months. One market research firm valued the global CBD market size at $2.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by 21.2% per year between 2021 and 2028.

The Best Feminized CBD and Hemp Seeds

Whether you’re a backyard grower experimenting with CBD and/or help a cloth, or a licensed farm growing cannabis for hemp and CBD, Blue Forest Farms has premium, high CBD hemp seeds available for purchase. We are your feminized seeds Colorado experts! Buying seeds from us is as easy as clicking a <<button>>. 

What Are Feminized Hemp Seeds?

Blue Forest Farms has a reputation for producing high-quality, phenotypically consistent seeds. What does this mean? All plants, including cannabis, exist in nature to live and reproduce. Thus, in the natural world, plants produce feminine and male seeds at an equal 50/50 rate.

Feminized seeds are important to hemp (and all cannabis producers) because the plants they produce flowers. These flowers are the part of the plant that contains chemicals such as CBD.

If a grower mixes male and female plants together, the male plants pollinate the female plants before they develop rich deposits of CBD and other chemicals. Incidentally, one of the most prevalent chemicals in the cannabis plant is THC, the chemical that gives people the classic “high.”  

From a hemp and CBD producer’s perspective, they’d want the plants with flowers to grow as big and strong as possible with female-only pollination. Consequently, breeders figured out how to trick female plants into producing pollen with only female chromosomes.

World-Class Feminized Seeds

Blue Forest Farms provides CBD hemp seeds to growers throughout the world. We have the backing of the U.S. federal government because our seeds are within federally compliant legal levels of THC (0.3% or less). Blue Forest Farms are your feminized seeds, Colorado experts!

At Blue Forest Farms, we’ve done the research in and out of the lab. Our industry-recognized genetics program has given our seeds a reputation for yielding high-quality hemp plants. Of course, you could try to make your own feminized seeds. But why?

The answer is science. Our lab-investigated and stable, genetically unique seeds give your hemp or CBD business the best chance of success. Our seeds produce plants with CBD levels that average 13-18%. This high CBD yield means your crop won’t run hot.

Closing Thoughts

We are passionate about your feminized seeds Colorado needs. With nothing but a market expansion on the horizon, the CBD market is a good market for investment. It is also worth mentioning that over the past several months, many of the globes’ biopharmaceutical companies have been getting approval for research into psychedelics as investors rush to get into the market.

Like many who grow cannabis for hemp and/or CBD know, research into other chemicals in cannabis is sorely lacking. At Blue Forest Farms, we are proud of our work with feminized seeds. Visit our website today for your choice of select strains.