Should You Add CBD To Your Skincare Routine?

BFF's CBD skincare products are your skin's new BFF.

With the expansion of cannabis use in almost three-fourths of states, CBD-infused treatments have emerged as a multimillion-dollar industry niche. There is good reason! Expanded use has led to more research, and according to new research, yes, you should add CBD to your skincare routine. 

What Does Recent Research Say?

Recent research says plenty about CBD’s therapeutic benefits, and it’s all good news. Below we listed three possible reasons for using a CBD skincare treatment in your own routine.

A Treatment for Aging?

 One study found that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are neuroprotective antioxidants. Let’s break this down into something understandable. Neuroprotective treatments have shown positive signs in treating diseases like stroke and some forms of trauma. Antioxidants remove harmful oxidants from our bodies. 

This is a win-win, particularly if you’re at risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease. As we age, our skin dries out and loses elasticity. CBD-infused skincare products might be the last best part of your cleansing routine. Imagine! CBD you can put on your skin, skincare backed up by research.

Skin Inflammation 

Many people hail the benefits of taking CBD internally. But wait! There’s more research. A 2019 study found that CBD-infused ointment significantly improved patient outcomes. The study concludes by claiming CBD topical skin treatments may be beneficial. 

This last point is something we stress at Blue Forest Farms. Our CBD flowers and seeds are federally approved for sale. We don’t sell THC products. However, we passionately believe in the benefits of CBD and all of the cannabinoids.


Along with CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, a 2014 research study found that CBD oil helps reduce the skin’s ability to produce excess oil. When combined with CBD’s other benefits, CBD could be the treatment that clears up that pesky spot of acne on your chin. Acne can produce skin swelling and inflammation. 

A Full Range of CBD Infused Products

So yes, put CBD into your daily skincare routine as quickly as possible. Your skin will thank you. The science proves the benefits are real. At Blue Forest Farms, we make creating daily CBD routines easy. For example, start and end your day with a glow from a CBD-infused body and facial scrub.

CBD’s Other Benefits and the Value of Whole-Body Health

Blue Forest Farms supports feeling good from the inside out. You can’t cope with your day’s hectic activities if you’re stressed out. There is ongoing research that CBD may be effective in reducing stress. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Do What You Enjoy and Enjoy What You Do!

When you use our CBD-infused products, you have the assurance that we believe in what we do. We believe there is more to life than working. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. Each product is federally approved for legal sale. Visit or call us today for any updates. In the meantime, we’ll keep making that CBD oil!