Why Smokable Hemp Buds Are Gaining Popularity

BFF is here to explain why smokeable hemp buds are gaining popularity.

There is something of a CBD revolution of sorts occurring as you read this. For many old-schoolers, seeing CBD products for sale in a supermarket is a culture shock. But with 36 states approving at least medical marijuana use, homeopathic medicine producers have quickly identified a successful CBD retail store niche.

At Blue Forest Farms, we are right there in the middle of the new CBD retail craze. We sell genuine hemp buds prepackaged for your therapeutic indulgence. But, the truth is, we’ve been there all along using the best cannabis genetics to produce world-class cannabis seeds.

From Seeds to Flowers, Smokable Hemp is Here

We thought it would be fun to review why smokable hemp buds are gaining popularity. If you smoke high CBD flowers, you’ll receive the same benefits others put into edible or pill form. You may need to be discreet! When smoked, hemp still smells like cannabis.

  • You feel the therapeutic qualities that come from smokable hemp almost immediately—no waiting 20 to 30 minutes for the pills to kick in.  
  • Smokable hemp buds give you the benefits of CBD without a psycho-affective reaction to THC.
  • Society is tolerant of, and in some cases prefers, non-traditional medicines such as those containing CBD.
  • The same genetic breeding that some used to remove most CBD from cannabis plants can be used to breed high levels of CBD back into cannabis plants.
  • Although little-known in some circles, the hemp industry has been around for centuries. To keep the cannabis plant legal for the FDA’s purposes, those who cultivated hemp seeds purposefully bred out the THC. The result is industrial hemp, which cannot make a person “high” but has many uses, nonetheless.
  • The media played a significant role in CBD’s broad popularity. CNN’s Doctor Sanjay Gupta highlighted CBD’s benefits in his work as a TV medical journalist. Doctor Gupta’s opinion is significant because he is a top neurosurgeon and well-respected among colleagues.

What Does Federally Compliant Mean?

The federal government put cannabis on the controlled drugs list. However, cannabis is the plant where this controlled drug comes from. Cannabis plants have naturally higher levels of THC compared to CBD.

To keep the hemp industry in business, lower THC level plants were set aside for the hemp industry, where the seeds were bred season after season to produce low-level THC cannabis plants. The Federal government then set the legal THC limit for hemp plants at .3% THC.

Rest assured. Any CBD flower or seed products you purchase for consumption through Blue Forrest Farms will not have THC levels beyond .3%. By the way, our CBD flowers include the strains Hot Blonde and Queen Dream. We machine trim our CBD flowers for a hand-trimmed finish. 

Closing Thoughts

The CBD revolution is here! What was once a dark alley activity for buying smokable Hemp is now out in the open with full government support. At Blue Forest Farms, we cultivate high-quality smokable hemp for your therapeutic enjoyment. Call or visit our website today and hop onboard the CBD revolution!