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Puerto Rico – The Next CBD Hemp Epicenter?

When the 2018 United States Farm Bill redefined hemp as an agricultural commodity and removed hemp from the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the relaxed regulations were also extended to U.S. territories including Puerto Rico and provided a whole new source of economic opportunity for these areas. Puerto Rico’s Caribbean location, constant sunshine and potential to harvest three times per year gives the island key advantages when making the comparison to U.S. states producing hemp.

Could Puerto Rico’s ideal climate and location help it become the next epicenter for industrial hemp development? We took a closer look at the future of hemp production on the island.

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Near-Perfect Conditions Exist To Grow CBD Hemp Seeds in Puerto Rico

We found that Puerto Rico has a laundry list of benefits that are favorable for successful hemp production, including: 

1. Over 2,800 hours of sun yearly. 

2. Potential to harvest up to 3 crops a year.

3. Government offers unique local incentives for registered farmers growing hemp.

4. Government offers land and manufacturing facilities for rent.

5. Abundance of high skilled farm workers.

6. Puerto Rico’s unique localization can serve as a bridge between the Mainland USA and Latin America.

7. No passports needed or any special documentation for U.S. citizens working on the Island.

8. U.S. dollar is the main currency

9. Investments are protected by U.S. laws.
(Source: Puerto Rico Incentives for Industrial Hemp Development)

State of the CBD Hemp Industry in Puerto Rico

Clearly, there is an abundance of potential for hemp to help revive the island’s agriculture production that has been nearly non-existent for decades.

Over the last two years, elected officials and government leaders in Puerto Rico have put a lot of effort and resources in aiding anyone interested in producing hemp. While things can move slowly, Puerto Rico is very focused on investing in the sector – specifically in farming and manufacturing facilities to hopefully see the industry truly take off. 

Choosing the Right CBD Hemp Seeds is Important to Grow Hemp in Puerto Rico

There are also environmental challenges, such as constant rain and many different types of molds, which can destroy entire hemp yields. Many mold challenges can be mitigated by selecting the right seeds for the climate. Many of the Blue Forest Farms CBD hemp seed varieties are ideal for growing in Puerto Rico. Specifically our two exclusive strains Hot Blonde and Queen Dream are mold resistant and grow well in tropical climates. All of our seeds are Non GMO and can be imported into Puerto Rico.

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