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Due to hemp’s association with ‘marijuana,’ the plant had been illegal in the South American country until recently, despite the climate being very favorable for farmers to grow the plant. Last year Ecuador legalized growing hemp, removing it from a list of substances subject to rules under the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP), and instead putting the plant under the jurisdiction of agriculture authorities.



Ecuador’s Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock set the THC barrier at 1.0%, which is great news for farmers. In many other countries, the United States being one of them, hemp’s most complicated wrinkle is that it must have less than 0.3% of THC – the psychoactive ingredient which differentiates hemp from marijuana. If a crop climbs over the 0.3% limit, regulations typically demand that it all then be destroyed. Many growers in these countries are asking for the level of allowed THC raised to 1.0% – an easier mark to hit. Nations observing the 1.0% standard therefore have a market advantage over those where limits are lower.



Why is Ecuador a great place to grow CBD hemp seeds?



Hemp is a relatively easy crop to grow, and the climate and purity of Ecuador agree well with it. Many of Ecuador’s regional climates offer advantageous conditions, bringing consistent, reliable harvests of the crop year-round, and reducing infrastructure investment at the start-up stage. The cost of labor in Ecuador is also highly competitive compared to other parts of the world.



So, you want to be a CBD hemp farmer? Regulations set the stage for a new era of agriculture. 



All industrial hemp grown in Ecuador must be grown under an active registration certificate which authorizes the individual or company to cultivate industrial hemp on a designated land area. When applying for certification, applicants must provide a plan describing their proposed approaches for cultivation, production, or commercialization. Applicants must also provide information about the production site, and meet other specific requirements according to the type of license being requested. License fees cost between $400 and $3,000 USD, depending on use and extent.



Farmers can also check out “Agreement 109” outlining all of the rules and regulations for seed production, farming, processing, marketing, and export. One of the key regulations is that the importing of hemp seeds must be authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture. Hemp seeds must be used by the importers directly or traded to other authorized parties who will plant them.



When determining which seed to purchase, seed options are available from all over the world, but the challenge is achieving the THC limit. There isn’t a lot of research on how acclimated seeds are to latitudes and longitudes in Ecuador and how that correlates to THC limits at harvest. If farmers bring in seed and the crop exceeds the 1.0% limit at harvest, the Ministry of Agriculture has the authority to inspect, sanction and destroy hemp crops.



What CBD Hemp Seeds Should Farmers In Ecuador buy?



When importing seeds, it can be beneficial to purchase seeds produced in the United States or Canada where rules and regulations are closely monitored and followed. Reputable seed producers have been selling seeds all around the globe for many years and these products are thoroughly tested to ensure successful and legal growth in a variety of climates and regions.



Based in Colorado, all of Blue Forest Farms CBD hemp seeds fall at or under the 0.3% THC limit – far below the required 0.3% limit – and are ideal for growing in Ecuador.
Many of the Blue Forest Farms CBD hemp seed varietals are ideal for growing in Ecuador. Specifically our two exclusive strains Hot Blonde and Queen Dream are mold resistant and grow well in tropical climates. All of our seeds are Non GMO and are legal to important into Ecuador. Please fill out the contact form on this page to get started with the buying process.


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