What Makes BFFhemp Different?


The BFF Mission

 Blue Forest Farms strives to provide the best, reliably-sourced, CBD products through innovation, passion, authenticity, drive, and inclusivity. As a team, the BFF family aims to transform how the world views CBD and to make a meaningful impact on lives all over the world. Hemp is a revolution, and we believe that everyone should have access to its natural power. Our mission is to share the best quality hemp with each of you.

Who we are

 BFF is a team of creative, devoted, and experienced individuals. Blue Forest Farms is a 150-acre hemp farm located in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. Hemp is your way to a better life. BFF is a revolution. We are legally registered through the Colorado Department of Agriculture and all of our farming is done using practices. Our team has more than 40 years of experience with both farming and extraction, resulting in a thorough knowledge of our product. BFF plans to be a part of the cultural changes that are already ongoing around hemp. As a proud part of the hemp industry, we are here to change the world with hemp. 

What we do

 At BFF, we are working to redefine the hemp industry through revolutionary practices, certified scientific methods, and personalized product development. We grow, extract, and use all of our own cannabis plants on-site at our beautiful farm. Because of this vertically integrated business model, we know exactly where our ingredients come from, how they were grown, and what is in each product, providing our customers with the trust and reliability they deserve. Above and beyond growing, harvesting, extracting, and producing, BFF specializes in mentorship and guidance. We know that the research is ongoing with hemp and we want offer information & data in a scientific way. 

What we value

 We value the intention behind building a great business model and seeing it through. We value the passion that our team puts into every single day. We value authenticity and vow to never compromise the quality of our products. We value drive and are motivated to continue to push forward for the benefits that CBD can provide. We value inclusivity and believe that everyone deserves a chance to feel balanced, to get access to the best products, and to be treated with kindness and gratitude. We value innovation and never stop striving to improve or create.

At BFF, we do not have to work a single day, because we love what we do. We choose joy and we are so happy to be here. 

From the BFF Farm to the BFF Lab

 The Blue Forest Farm farmers, botanists, and extraction specialists have over 40 years of experience. We are honored to have the team of experts that we do working together to create a reliably-sourced and trustworthy CBD product. Every step in our vertically integrated solution requires patience, devotion, and specialization. We design, grow, and extract all of our hemp plants ourselves, allowing us control over the ingredients we use and CBD we distribute. We harvest from our Colorado farm with happiness and joy because we know we are creating a product our customers can rely on. Our in-house lab is where everything we harvest and extract is tested to ensure the highest quality is produced.  

Our Products

 We believe in our products. BFF carries a range of options to best suite you personally and your reasons for choosing CBD. We offer hemp flowers that are dense, seedless, and made up of a diverse terpene profile. Our different CBD flowers can be used in a variety of therapeutic settings and come in a range of strains including Cherry Wine, Berry Blossom, The Wife, Elektra, Lifter, and Haze. We also carry feminized hemp seeds. These seeds are ready to be planted and are guaranteed to be stable, consistent, and fruitful. If you are a hemp farmer, our seeds offer you the reliability and quality that you are looking for. Finally, we offer a great selection of extracts, oils, bath products, and tinctures. Whether you plan to use CBD in food, in drinks, or topically, we can help you decide what the best method is for your needs. Check out our starter pack which has everything you need to CBD everyday. 

Our Personalization

 The BFF concentrates, vape pens, and vape cartridges have all recently been recognized with awards. We are proud of this acknowledgement. However, we also know that not everyone wants to use the same CBD in the same way. Therefore, we have developed the original BFF number system. Everyone has a unique BFF number that customizes their CBD experience. Every product we supply is numbered providing you with even more information about its makeup. The system is simple. 01 (True) = isolate, 02 (Broadway) = broad spectrum THC free, 03 (Let’s be real) = full spectrum distillate, 04 (Inspire) = CBDV, and 05 (Tree of Life) = whole plant extract.

What’s Most Important to Us

 Community is everything. Whether our in-house team of co-workers, our valued customer base, or the world at large, we try to give back at any chance we can get. Community is CBD and we believe that the home-grown, CBD that we produce can help change the culture of how we live. We put joy, honor, and passion together in everything we do. Join us to learn, grow, experience, and become a part of the difference we are already making. What it comes down to is simple – how CBD can help you is most important to us. Contact us today to hear more about what we offer, to get answers to your questions about CBD, or to learn more about our company and our process. Come join the CBD revolution with BFF!