What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

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Are you interested in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, such as reducing inflammation, without getting
high or dealing with red eyes, cottonmouth, and/or sleepiness? Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as
THC, is the main chemical in cannabis that actually gets you high and causes these symptoms. On the
other hand, CBD oil, a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis, can’t get you high but
still benefits your body in similar ways.

Cannabis growers are constantly searching for ways to increase concentration levels of CBD in the ultra-
potent strains. The race to produce even more powerful strains of hemp is becoming more intense each
day, and with it, a new vital chemical in this plant is having its moment; cannabidiol, or CBD.
Cannabidiol is available in different forms such as oil/extracts, as well as mellow strains that have been
bred to increase its presence and also reduce the effects of stress on the body.

It’s recommended that you find out the effects of CBD, regarding how it may or may not make you feel,
before deciding to make your way to the market to buy CBD products.

Calmness and Relaxation

Unlike THC which has been proven to modulate the neurotransmitters that are involved in fight-or-flight
responses, hence triggering panic attacks, CBD has been shown to have the complete opposite effects. It
eases anxiety and reduces the likelihood of “freaking out.”

To compare the effects of both THC and CBD, a study was carried out which revealed that THC activates
the parietal and frontal areas of the brain, causing anxiety. On the other hand, CBD reduces autonomic
arousal, which is the involuntary response by the nervous system that suddenly increases the heart rate or

Relieves Inflammation and Pain

By interacting with other endocannabinoid receptors, CBD also reduces pain, swelling and the
inflammation and science has shown that cannabidiols have some analgesic properties. This is the reason
behind the huge number of topical creams and salves that have been infused with CBD, and they have
been designed to be applied directly to the skin.

There is an infinite number of painful conditions CBD can bring much-needed relief to. Enthusiasts of
this chemical have been able to identify some of the main targets of CBD, including headaches, menstrual
cramps, itchiness caused by psoriasis, dermatitis, arthritis, and even the plain old soreness of the muscles.

Improved Mood

When compared to THC, CBD is said to be nonpsychoactive. This means that CBD lacks the euphoric
and intoxicating aspects of a high caused by THC. For this reason, one might assume that, at a threshold
that’s noticeable, CBD has very little or zero cerebral effects but causes relaxation and improves your
mood. This doesn’t mean that CBD will change your mood completely, but it may have antidepressant

A study that was conducted on depressed rats (no kidding) found that injections of CBD benefited the
rats. They became more “alive” as they even looked for a place where they could live as opposed to
merely surviving. The same scientists also discovered CBD didn’t cause any effect on the motor functions
of the rats and the antidepressant effect was primary influenced by CBD.

Control Your Mental Health

As CBD is explored more, the conversation about the effects of CBD also continues. This is especially
focused on how CBD works together with its counterpart, THC. With the information above, however,
you might have noticed the whole conversation about how CBD “feels” depends on what you don’t feel
when you take it, such as depression, inflammation, pain, anxiety or nausea. This is the main point of
comparison for both chemicals. They may have similar advantages regarding therapeutics effects, but
they also carry some other effects, which are not all predictable or benign.

Compared to the regular marijuana, which contains THC, you might look at CBD as the “safer”
alternative. With the micro-dosing practice in mind, it may not be possible to notice the effects of CBD
easily. If you strictly follow the prescribed dosage of CBD, you will most probably know it’s working due
to the gentle fading away of the condition that ails you.

Here’s What Happened When I Took CBD Oil to Get Rid of Anxiety

Let me first admit that I was a bit skeptical when I got to learn about hemp oil. The first thought in my
mind was weed and all the bad experiences I had in college with it. I am a person who’s already
predisposed to much thinking and as such, being exposed to marijuana, in whichever form, would
automatically result in my mind going into overdrive and consequently lead to a common side effect that I
have grown to dread: paranoia.

Just a little bit of online search leads me to discover that a good hemp oil with contained CBD as the main
ingredient. For testing purposes, this is the product that I had been offered. Compared to the other vital
compound in marijuana and hemp plants, THC, which will make you feel high, CBD actually has the
opposite effects.

I must admit that the science that supports the use of CBD served to calm my nerves. However, it was the
inspiring story given by many users of the product that did the job. One of the users Charlotte, who was
only 6 years old, was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy identified as the Dravet Syndrome. She was
then placed under hospice care and order not to resuscitate her was given as her parents were very
desperate and also frustrated that the pharmaceutical medications weren’t working. That was when they
considered medical marijuana. As we’re speaking, Charlotte is now 99% free of seizures since she began
supplementing her medication with CBD oil. The brand was actually named after her, Charlotte Figi.

I was left in complete awe at the powerful effects of CBD oil. This was especially after I got to learn that
CBD oil could be used to treat ailments that have a tendency to occur every day. This includes nausea,
pain, migraines, inflammation, and anxiety. This is in addition to more serious diseases and conditions
like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and cancer. Given this information, I was satisfied that CBD
was quite safe to use and I asked for a sample. For seven consecutive days, I added a full dropper of CBD
oil in my morning mint chocolate flavor.

My First Impression

I had recently been to California, and the bad bout of jet lag that resulted from the trip was what inspired
me to try out CBD oil. My reservations about weed-based products had understandably kept me away
from trying it out for a few months. Knowing that the CBD oil had helped some people deal with their
sleep issues, I confidently squeezed a full dropper of the CBD oil, with full adherence to the instructions
that I had been given, on to my tongue. Then, I waited.

Half an hour later, the effect was surprisingly subtle. I expected that there would be an effect similar to
that of melatonin where it’s usually hazy, but the CBD oil went way off my expectations. My body just
relaxed ever so slightly. My mind slowed down, my legs went silent beneath my sheets, and my heart
ceased its constant heavy pounding against my chest. I was feeling calm. I can’t tell for sure if it was the
late hour or the effects of the oil but as time faded away, physical relaxation lead to mental relaxation, and
before I could realize it, I was fast asleep.

As I woke up the following morning, what surprised me the most was the fact that there was not a single
moment in which I felt high. It simply never happened. Similar to anti-anxiety drugs or pain medications,
I can feel it now. Since for it to work completely, you have to wait a bit with the right dosage as well as
consistency, I kept on taking the oil each day for the next six days. I only took it once a day.
Here’s what I felt:

● My anxiety levels went down
Under normal circumstances, I would feel heavily affected by simple things like lots of stuff in my work,
or a crowded subway car. However, the CBD oil seemed to have eased my anxiety to a great extent.
Instead of thinking too much about an email whose wording is extremely stern or even overanalyzing a
social interaction, I found it to be quite easier to recognize how irrational these thoughts are and just let
them go (as opposed to ruminating on these situations). In some specific ways, I felt like I was coming
back to myself once more. That said, I have gone through some social anxiety, especially when meeting
new people. I would definitely be interested to know what would happen if I took the full dosage.

● I’m now more focused when working
I have discovered that I’m now more productive when working under pressure. However, I have become
less productive due to being extremely busy at work. There are constant distractions at work, especially
from emails, the people around Slack and me. This goes on up to a point where it gets difficult to
complete my work. However, this week has been different. It has become easier to block out all
distractions (especially social) and also putting my blinders on is much easier than before. I am also able
to focus on a particular task at a time. I’m of the opinion that this is thanks to the reduced levels of
anxiety. I’m always off my tasks, and I feel frazzled each time my anxiety runs high. There’s a new calm
and sense of clarity that enables me to focus.

● I’m falling asleep faster
The eased anxiety might also be responsible for this effect. It’s now taking just about 20-30 minutes to
fall asleep rather than the normal 45-60 minutes. I am not only able to keep my mind off the constant
overthinking that keeps me up, but I am also able to shorten, or entirely skip, the tossing and turning
phase. I obviously can’t tell if anything will disrupt this wonderful bliss, but I rest my mind on it being
helped on a day-to-day basis.


I certainly wouldn’t say that CBD oil has changed my life fundamentally. ‘It depends’ is the typical response from anyone who has ever taken supplements on how long it takes for the effect to be felt.

Given this information, I am curious to see the effects that will arise if I take the recommended dosage of two droppers each day of the 30ml bottle for one week. I also take some comfort in the fact that CBD oil is a natural treatment that offers promising therapeutic effects. It’s important to note, before taking any CBD, a hemp-derived product, it is important to consult with your doctor.