Potential Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

CBD oii benefits

After decades of plant cultivation prohibition in the United States, the recent emergence of the hemp industry has enabled us to quickly learn a variety of ways to take better care of our planet, and to take better care of ourselves.

There are over 60 different compounds that can be found in the hemp plant, and these compounds (also known as cannabinoids) have proven themselves to be remarkably useful for human beings. While THC has traditionally been the compound that is stealing the limelight, numerous industries have recently turned their attention to a compound known as CBD.

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Although we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to research on this compound, CBD (cannabidiol) has been generating attention from the medical, psychological, wellness, and nutrition communities. This particular cannabinoid has been studied for its ability to directly target certain bodily systems without the adverse psychoactive intensity that is usually produced by THC. As time goes on, it seems its known uses and interest will only continue to grow.

CBD has not been approved as a medical treatment, but user experiences show that it may help with a range of conditions.

1. Feelings of Overwhelm

Some studies show that American teenagers and adults are dealing with more feelings of tension and stress than ever before. From school obligations to work stressors and social responsibilities, feelings of overwhelm can appear in various aspects of life, making it all the more important to find effective means of relief.

CBD oil is believed to be particularly useful for individuals dealing with feelings of tension as a result of everyday routines, obligations, and schedules. Because CBD is known to be largely safe with rare and minimal side effects, it serves as a viable method of coping with everyday tension.

2. Cognitive Health

Another way in which CBD oil has demonstrated itself to be uniquely effective is that it can help support overall cognitive health and function. Studies show that CBD may help support healthy levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, healthy interactions between cells and neurotransmitters, and overall healthy cognitive function. This can contribute to benefits for focus and concentration, emotional wellness, and general learning..

3. Feelings of Discomfort

CBD oil may help with feelings of discomfort. There are many individuals of all ages across the country who are dealing with feelings of discomfort or muscle tension, or who are looking for general support.

Though there certainly remains a tremendous amount of research that needs to be done, clinical studies have thus far suggest that CBD may be effective in these areas.

4. May serve as a healthier alternative to tobacco products

Many individuals who smoke cigarettes have a very difficult time quitting. As soon as they stop smoking, they are likely to feel irritated, have trouble falling asleep, and might constantly be “on edge”.

Though different people have different preferences, CBD’s lack of side effects is a common reason why many people reach for it — and thanks to its ability to ease tension and discomfort and support overall wellness, the benefits of CBD oil might outweigh the risks of tobacco products. CBD oil can allow people who still want to consume something to have an alternative that will not harm them like tobacco—and, also unlike tobacco, is non psychoactive and non-addictive.

5. An increasingly viable alternative

The benefits and potential risks of CBD oil are still being actively researched by scientists. But new information is coming to light almost every day, and the majority of the results seem to conclusively be pointing in a positive direction.

As time goes on, the CBD oil industry continues to grow and the uses of this revolutionary product will be better understood and better applied. But, for the time being, the CBD oil industry remains on the frontier of opportunity.

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*The majority of cannabidiol (CBD) products, including those sold by Blue Forest Farms, have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to be used for medicinal or therapeutic treatment. Since there has been no FDA evaluation of these products, many questions and data gaps exist concerning their benefits and toxicity.