Our High CBD Hemp Seed Program

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Our High CBD Hemp Seed Program

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Stretching across 235 sundrenched acres, Blue Forest Farms is one of the largest certified organic farms in Colorado and leading producers of best in class hemp seeds. Although, we weren’t always this big.

Starting at a modest 22 acres, we knew one thing for sure– we wanted to be the largest producer of high CBD hemp and share it with as many people as possible. Yeah, we know its ambitious. Long story short, we realized we would never be able to reach this goal alone.

Hemp Processing

Luckily, Blue Forest Farms has its own state of the art hemp processing facility which has given us access to a multitude of cultivars from over 60 farms. Here we were able to analyze flower yields, extraction yields, and other various qualities of biomass.

In 2018, we were ready to try something new.

Like most beginners, our first try at breeding didn’t quite go as expected. We farmed over 30 different unique cultivars from a variety of companies and breeders and although plants were from the same seed stock, our fields were riddled with inconsistencies. These inconsistencies affected yields and biomass quality in addition to creating challenges in a multitude of processes including planting, harvest, and compliance management. Quickly, we realized this lack of phenotypic consistency was a problem for the industry as a whole and set out to fix it.

And Thus, the Blue Forest Farms Hemp Seed Program was Born.

By employing genetic sequencing techniques we were able to undergo about four to five generations of improvement in one generation and set a new standard within the industry. Our #1 goal was to create strains that are consistent, and we succeeded in that goal. We were able to create two strains that are consistent in size, shape, and flowering time.

Meet the Blue Forest Family: Hot Blonde and Queen Dream

Our two strains, Hot Blonde and Queen Dream, are sister plants but they have very unique personalities and talents. Both boast best in class CBD to THC ratios for the 2020 season and we expect them to only get better.

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Hot Blonde Strain

A cross between Berry Blossom and R5, Hot Blonde produces a large, bushy plant with many medium to large sized colas. This strain is excellent for smokable alternatives and extraction due to its stacked bud structure and high ratio of

CBD to THC at 31:1. Its terpene profile is made up of Myrcene, Bisobolol, Limonene, as well as Pinene, giving it a rich berry tangerine flavor.

Queen Dream Strain

Unlike its sister, Queen Dream is marked by wider node spacing, allowing for more air to pass through the bud sites. This capacity for airflow gives Queen Dream a distinct advantage in moister climates, as the buds are more resistant to mold growth. Compared to its sister, the strain has a much milder citrus tone with notes of sweet bread and hops while a THC to CBD ratio of 28:1.

Bringing Hemp to Your Community

At Blue Forest Farms, we are driven by innovation to bring cutting edge genetics to the modern farmer and aim to do so with a sustainable, thoughtful approach.

In 2020, we have partnered with several universities across the country to test seeds in various climate zones with different planting and harvesting methods to better understand certain factors or genetic markers. We hope that this work will help our farmers overcome challenges and find success so that we can bring this plant to communities across the globe.

Achieve an exceptional return on investment. Our stable, genetically isolated seeds give your grow the best chance of success.

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