How to Revamp Your Beauty Routine with Hemp

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Hemp has made its way into the skincare and cosmetics world and we could not be happier. Hemp has the power to change the world in many ways, from stopping world hunger, to replacing harmful plastics that are polluting our planet. As the market grows were seeing more and more of the cosmetics industry creating change by integrating hemp into their products.

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What Makes Hemp So Appealing to Beauty Products?

The secret is in the oil of that comes from the plant. Hemp oil is rich in omega 3’s, and 6’s. These are considered vital fatty acids to the human body. Your body cannot produce these essential nutrients you have to consume them in your foods.

For targeted benefits in the realm of skincare, though, you may want to think about adding hemp to your self-care lineup via topical beauty products. Hemp oil contains key omega fatty acids, including omega-9s, and applying these directly to your skin can help you make the most of the beauty benefits.  

Taking a daily hemp supplement can help you fill gaps in your diet, but incorporating hemp into your beauty routine, too, can help you get the best of both worlds.

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How to Incorporate Hemp into Your Beauty Routine

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Scrub –

If you’re not already using a body scrub you should be.  The human body has almost 19 million skin cells and it’s constantly replacing them with new cells. By using a face and body scrub you are reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and supporting your body’s ability to create new fresh skills resulting in brighter skin and a more even tone. Long term this will result in savings because you won’t have to spend for the more intense and chemical beauty treatments like Botox. Using a body and face scrub prepares your skin for any next beauty steps like serums, they will absorb better after being scrubbed. Plus, your skin will be velvety soft after scrubbing. Replace any body and face scrubs with one that is hemp-based.

Moisturize –

After you scrub, you’ll want to moisturize and support your skin barrier. You can do this using a raw hemp oil, salve, lotion, or a combination. There are a variety of these products on the market but using one that is made with hemp oil means you get the health benefits and they’re phenomenal for treating dry areas on the skin such as the elbows, hands, and face. Bonus tip, hemp oil is also great for hair and treating split ends due to it being rich in vitamins A, E and C!

Get Hemp Products into Your Ritual Today

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Hemp is the ultimate game changer and can do so much good for our world. Make simple changes in your everyday life by supporting the hemp industry. By incorporating beauty and skincare products that are hemp based you reap the benefits for yourself and help make a change in the world!