How the Hemp Community Can Help Fight for Equality

we should all breathe free 2 01
we should all breathe free 2 01

The world has been experiencing unprecedented perils due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and this week saw an explosion of protests against the police killings of two more Black citizens in the United States of America. While Blue Forest Farms is a hemp industry focused company, we believe more than anything in helping people and doing our part to stand up to injustice.

Anybody in the hemp or cannabis industry who’s been paying attention has seen how racism and discrimination have impacted our community with more arrests, higher punishments, and less access to resources for farmers and producers of color. Police brutality, racism, and discrimination are far too common and affect Black citizens in every area of modern life. These ways of thinking and acting have no place in the world and we will continue to work for change until equity is achieved. We know the road to equality won’t be easy, and BFF is committed to listening, educating, and advocating for change in the hemp industry and wherever else we can.

Blue Forest Farms says, “Choose hemp. Grow love.” and, at the same time, we know love is not enough. Our company leadership is made up of women and people of color, and we are very clear that we will always stand on the side of justice and equality. We will amplify Black voices wherever we can as we seek, with our hemp community and our farmer partners, to find our way through the pain and mourning of these senseless murders. We pledge to speak the truth and to stand with our brothers and sisters in the struggle for equality and against brutality and injustice.

We urge everyone to do their part, in whatever way you can, to get involved and join together to make it clear that this type of tragedy will not go unnoticed, that the world will not tolerate this any longer, and that love and community among all people is a future we will fight for. We fight for equality in hemp. We remember those POC who are imprisoned for cannabis crimes. We fight for equality in the world. And we join our voices to those saying the names of those who have been murdered: George Floyd and Breonna Taylor this week, but so many more who have suffered and died in police custody.

If you are called to march and protest, we support you. Learn how to keep yourself safe out there. If you want to volunteer with or donate to organizations feeding or serving the communities who’ve been impacted by the most recent murders, we’ve compiled a list of those that could use your hands or your dollars. If you want to learn more about how people nationwide are standing for justice, follow Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama, Trevor Noah, or other progressive voices for change on social media. There is a place for your energy and attention, however you are ready to show up for change. Blue Forest Farms is proud to stand with you.
National Urban League
NAACP We Are Done Dying Campaign
National Action Network
Black Women’s Roundtable
National Bail Fund
Color of Change
George Floyd Memorial Fund
Kenneth Walker Fund
Breonna Taylor Memorial

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