Hemp Plant Strain Story: Queen Dream

Quee Dream hemp seeds

The Queen Dream is one hemp strain that can easily be said to live up to its name.  This specific strain can only be found at Blue Forest Farms, and as such, has been given our full attention and care. Our extensive and ambitious breeding program has led to the creation of the Queen Dream after hundreds of hours perfecting the genes and traits.  All that work culminated in the strain we know today.  If you’re new to the Queen Dream, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about this one of a kind hemp plant.

queen dream

The Queen Dream can easily be spotted for its size.  Both the plant itself, and the flowers, are sure to standout in a field.  The bright green buds alone draw the eye.  Those flowers are more than just a treat for the eyes, boasting a floral aroma with hints of sweet bread, hops, and haze.  The Queen Dream is more than just a beautiful sight and scent, though, being a powerhouse in terms of cannabinoids.  The ratio of CBD to THC ranges from 27-32 to 1, making it an outstanding choice for CBD hemp farmers looking for a reliable and high performing strain that poses very little risk of going over the compliance limits for THC.  All these traits, both appearance and amazing CBD profile, come from the two plants Queen Dream was created from.  The first should need no introduction, the R5, but the second is the key to what makes Blue Forest Farms’ Queen Dream so unique.  Crossing R5 with a select phenotype of The Wife, which is one of the crown jewels of the Colorado hemp industry.  This heirloom strain has been cultivated commercially in Colorado for over 8 years, giving us years of observation and research to understand which traits are the most valuable to pass on when creating the Queen Dream. 

The Queen Dream is a perfect choice for the more casual CBD user who is looking for something to take the edge off.  The high CBD content really helps people unwind after a long, stressful day with calming and relaxing effect.  Queen Dream’s natural therapeutic properties make it a fantastic natural option for sleep support.  The broad applications that Queen Dream can be used for ensures it is in constant demand, and poised to continue making a name for itself in the commercial hemp market as it continues to expand and spread across the country.

queen dream smokable CBD hemp flower

Coming from the strong genetics of the R5 and The Wife, Queen Dream is a powerhouse hybrid in the world of hemp strains.  Thanks to the phenotype of The Wife it was derived from, we knew just how to breed it into a new strain rich in cannabinoids.  The look of the plant, with unmistakable green buds and large flowers, plus the rich aroma of sweet bread, hops, and haze add to that unique personality that make this Blue Forest Farm exclusive so popular.  When it comes to CBD, the Queen Dream hits all the major points.  It’s got a high CBD content, with next to no THC, and excels at promoting a calming feeling in the user no matter how much tension they might be dealing with. For those looking for a natural way to support their sleep, the Queen Dream is the perfect option.  This is one strain to keep an eye on as its reputation reaches across the hemp industry.

In addition to hemp seeds, Blue Forest Farms also sells Queen Dream smokable hemp Flower.