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Organic CBD Topicals

Consumers have been raving about their experiences with hemp & CBD from pain-relief to anxiety reduction to improved sleep. And now, CBD has started to make a name for itself among the beauty and skincare community. With a growing list of reported benefits, CBD skincare products may help you glow from inside and out.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant. CBD is not psychoactive and has a number of reported therapeutics effects, such as reducing inflammation and pain and helping manage everyday stressors.

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How Do CBD Skincare Products Work?

CBD works by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS, which is a natural biological system found in both humans and animals. The Endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating many key bodily processes in order to maintain homeostasis or balance. The ECS impacts important bodily processes like pain response, digestion, metabolism, immune heath, inflammatory response and even sebum production.

Essentially, CBD acts as a sort of key that unlocks cannabinoid receptors and triggers the brain and body to respond. Cannabinoid receptors are located all throughout the human body with many located in the layers of our skin. So, when we apply products that contain CBD to our skin, we’re activating our cannabinoid receptors and signaling our body to react.

3 Reasons to try Hemp & CBD Skincare

It may help reduce Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions to affect humans, yet we haven’t quite found a perfect way to manage it. That being said, CBD has shown promise in anti-acne applications. Acne is typically caused by over production of oil, clogged pores, and bacteria build up.  Like we mentioned above, CBD has been reported to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it helpful in managing pain and swelling related to breakouts. Not only that, a 2014 study reported that CBD has the ability to reduce lipid or oil production, which can in turn reduce acne breakouts. CBD products have also been found to possess anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This means CBD could potentially be an alternative to commonly prescribed topical antibiotics used to fight acne causing bacteria.

It’s been reported to help reduce signs of ageing

CBD possesses antioxidant properties, which have been reported to reduce visible signs of aging.  Antioxidants work by combatting free-radical production, which are created by our body to combat viruses and bacteria. However, sometimes our bodies over produce free-radicals, leading to free radical damage or oxidative stress which can cause things like premature aging, inflammation, and hyper-pigmentation. Other factors that can increase free-radical production are pollution, sun exposure, radiation, and cigarette smoke to name a few. Luckily, antioxidants like CBD can help fight these free-radicals and correct signs of aging.

Customers have found reduction in Psoriasis and Eczema flare ups.

Many of our customers have reported reduction in psoriasis and eczema flare-ups since incorporating CBD topicals into their routine. Beyond this anecdotal evidence, a 2007 study found that cannabinoids slowed down the division and growth of cells involved in psoriatic rashes. Subjects taking part in a 2019 study also reported a reduction in psoriasis symptoms after using a CBD-enriched ointment. CBD may also help manage itchiness or pain associated with eczema and psoriasis. If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema and are already seeking treatment from a doctor, consider asking about incorporating a CBD topical into your routine.

How Do I Know Which CBD Skincare Product is Right for me?

CBD Skincare body scrub

When it comes to choosing a hemp & CBD topicals, it all comes down to personal preference. That being said, we always recommend purchasing CBD from a reputable company that provides certificates of analysis with all of their products. Currently, there are no reported negative side-effects related to topical CBD. Although, there have been reports of allergic reactions to other ingredients, such as tree nut-based oils, so be sure to read the full ingredient lists before incorporating a new product into your lineup.

As more research is completed, we’ll likely see more and more products containing hemp & CBD

Add Hemp into Your Routine Today

At Blue Forest Farms, we offer a full range of CBD topicals from our CBD serum to our body scrub to our maximum strength lotion so you can experience the benefits inside and out.