The Many Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

The Many Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

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The industrial hemp plant is one of the most interesting and useful plants to have ever been discovered by humankind. After decades of plant cultivation prohibition in the United States, the recent emergence of the hemp industry has enabled us to quickly learn a variety of ways to take better care of our planet, and to take better care of ourselves.

There are over 60 different compounds that can be found in the hemp plant, and these compounds (also known as cannabinoids) have proven themselves to be remarkably useful for human beings. While THC has traditionally been the compound that is stealing the limelight, numerous industries have recently turned their attention to a compound known as CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) has been generating attention from the medicine, psychology, wellness, and nutrition communities. This particular cannabinoid has been studied for its ability to directly target certain bodily systems without the adverse psychoactive intensity that is usually produced by THC. As time goes on, it seems its known uses and interest will only continue to grow.

1. Anxiety Treatment

Some studies show that the prevalence of anxiety in American teenagers and adults is higher than it has ever been before. Though it may be true that a portion of this increase can be attributed to the fact that diagnosing methods have changed, the need for an accessible treatment option is overwhelmingly apparent.

CBD oil is believed to be particularly useful for individuals who suffer from anxiety that is related to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and social situations. Some individuals have found that CBD oil has less adverse effects than many anxiety treatment alternatives. They’ve claimed it is less addictive, less habit building, and much easier to manage their lives around. 

2. Treatment for Neurological Disorders and Seizures

Another way in which CBD oil has demonstrated itself to be uniquely effective is that has been used to treat a variety of some of the most difficult to treat neurological disorders. Epilepsy—and other seizure inducing conditions—has been one of the foremost reasons why medical CBD is starting to be widely recognized by scientists as a legitimate treatment option.

In some studies, up to 84% of individuals with epilepsy have claimed that it helped reduce their seizures. For individuals who are suffering from potentially hundreds of a seizures a day, the use of CBD oil can really make a difference. Furthermore, the fact that CBD oil has been designed to be safely used by children has given hope to young people with epilepsy across the country.

Other neurological conditions that studies have shown CBD oil can potentially treat include sleep disorders, bipolar disorder, and even depression. Though you will want to talk to your doctor about the way in which you incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine, it may be a valid alternative to some otherwise undesirable medications.

3. Reduces inflammation and chronic pain

Inflammation is another common medical ailment that CBD oil has been uniquely tested to effectively treat. There are many individuals of all ages across the country who suffer from inflammation, chronic pain, and arthritis, but do not want to become dependent upon opium-derived pain killers.

CBD oil has been continually revolutionizing the way in which these conditions can be treated. Though there certainly remains a tremendous amount of research that needs to be done, clinical studies have thus far produced generally positive results. If CBD oil can really be as effective as most research suggests it is, it will certainly play an important role in the future world of medicine.

4. Helps with digestive issues

Digestive issues are among the most common types of physical ailments. Stomach pain, loss of appetite, and nausea are things that millions of Americans are suffering from on a daily basis. While many people ignore these symptoms—or take some sort of pharmaceutical medication—some studies have suggested that CBD oil may be among the least damaging forms of digestive treatment. CBD oil has been widely claimed to help people feel better without some of the issues associated with other treatment options (damage to organs, etc.).

5. Assists with quitting tobacco products

Many individuals who smoke cigarettes have a very difficult time quitting. As soon as they stop smoking, they are likely to feel irritated, have trouble falling asleep, and might constantly be ‘on edge’.

Though every individual is obviously going to have different preferences for what they feel helps them the most, some former smokers have cited CBD oil as the reason they were able to successfully conquer their habit. The benefits of CBD oil seem to almost perfectly mirror the consequences of quitting tobacco use. CBD oil can allow people who still want to consume something to have an alternative that will not harm them like tobacco.

6. An increasingly viable alternative

The benefits (and potential risks) of CBD oil are still being actively researched by scientists. But new information is coming to light almost every day, and the majority of the results seem to conclusively be pointing in the same, positive direction.

Though CBD oil is something that still needs to be better understood, both patients and industry experts are continually choosing to view it as a legitimate treatment alternative. Many traditional pharmaceuticals have a wide variety of unintended consequences. Instead of viewing these potentially harmful drugs as the default treatment option, some people are electing to view them as simply a possible treatment option while also considering other alternatives.

As time goes on, the CBD oil industry will continue to grow and the uses of this revolutionary product will be better understood and better applied. But, for the time being, the CBD oil industry remains upon a frontier of opportunity.

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