Hemp Plant Strain Story: Hot Blonde

hot blonde hemp seeds
hot blonde hemp seeds

Many of us out there want a hot blonde in our lives, but everyone wants the hot blonde of the hemp world.  While we can’t help you with the first, thanks to Blue Forest Farms, the Hot Blonde hemp strain can be a part of anyone’s life.  Still a relatively new cultivar in the industry, we are the only place the Hot Blonde can be found, making it a somewhat rare exclusive for the time being.  Once you see where this hybrid originates from, how it looks and performs in the field, and the great effects its CBD can produce, you’re sure to be a fan of the Hot Blonde too.

When selecting which hemp varieties would be used to create this new strain, Blue Forest Farms went with two of the rarest, but also most popular and sought after ones in the industry today.  Those two being a select phenotype of the Berry Blossom, known for producing outstanding yields, plus the more short, stout appearance and reliable nature of the R5.  When combined, these two produce a large plant that is almost bushy in appearance, decorated with many medium to large colas.  These blossoms are a bright, emerald green highlighted with light blonde hairs, which helped inspire the namesake.  The Berry Blossom influences can also be found in the fragrance, which is a deep mixture of berries, but combined with a rich floral arrangement underneath.  The Hot Blonde is a sturdy and reliable plant in the field, enjoying plenty of sunshine and water, especially when it reaches its flowering cycle.  If you meet this strain’s simple needs, it will reward you with a high yield of CBD every time.

When it comes to the market, Hot Blonde has a wide range of uses and applications.  Unlike some other strains, the flowers of this hemp plant make a great smokable alternative.  Thanks to the delicious aroma of the flowers and great CBD levels, smoking Hot Blonde is a real treat for the senses.  Of course this strain is just as great for extraction, providing plenty of positive effects in the form of oil as well as a smokable.  Most notably, we found that Hot Blonde is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a CBD hemp to help alleviate tension and unease in the body.  This makes it a perfect choice during times of overwhelm, or for any time you could use a little bit of wellness support.  Whatever the case may be, and whether it is consumed as an oil or smokable, Hot Blonde is a great friend to have when things get tough. 

The Hot Blonde may seem like a presumptuous name, but this strain is attractive in more than just superficial ways.  Sure, the plant itself is beautiful, from its bushy appearance to the eye-catching bright green blossoms and tasty natural fragrance all thanks to it coming from the rare Cherry Blossom and R5 lineage, but we didn’t stop there when breeding this new variety of hemp.  CBD content was also a major focus, and Hot Blonde doesn’t disappoint in that regard either.  Being a great smokable as well as source for CBD oil only furthers the appeal of this strain, not to mention how great the effects it can produce are.  A safe, all natural stress, tension, and unease relief solution are among the most sought-after reasons people are starting to turn to CBD, and the Hot Blonde stands among the best at providing just that. 

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