Strain Story: Cloud Berry

Cloud Berry hemp strain

As hemp farmers, we know that yield per plant is especially important when choosing which strain to grow. That’s why we created Cloud Berry and yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds. Cloud Berry is a new take on an old favorite. By combining Hot Blonde, a Blue Forest Farms exclusive, with a long-time favorite, Cherry Blossom, we were able to make what was once thought to be one of the best even better. With impressively high CBD levels and a diverse terpene profile, this strain will surely make both farmers and consumers alike feel like they’re on cloud 9.  

Cloud Berry

If your familiar with actual cloudberries, the fruit, the resilience of this strain might not come as a shock, especially considering the fact that they’re one of the few fruits able to grow in the arctic tundra. While this strain definitely isn’t quite as resilient as the arctic berries it’s named after, it still thrives in a wide variety of growing climates, thanks to its parent’s Cherry Blossom ancestry.  

Cherry Blossom has a been a grower favorite because of its ability to withstand stress, including sudden weather changes, without negatively affecting the final product. Beyond this, Cherry Blossom exhibits high cannabinoids levels in combination with a fruity terpene profile making it an excellent option for smokable flower. Hot Blonde proves to be a great match for Cherry Blossom, considering their similarities.  

Like Cherry Blossom, Hot Blonde, with a stacked bud structure and high levels of CBD, proves to be a top choice in the smokable flower market. It’s also a fairly stout strain, thanks to its R5 lineage, making it optimal for efficient post-harvest processing. When combined, the good qualities of Cherry Blossom and Hot Blonde only seem to get better. You really do get the best of both worlds.  

Ultimately, a Hot Blonde donor, when combined with a Cherry Blossom recipient, helps to ensure a higher flower or oil yield. The Hot Blonde component also contributes to increased lateral branching and cola size, which in turn increases yield per plant. Increased lateral branching also helps to create a more consistent product, as a greater percentage of the plant is exposed to the same amount of light, which in the long run influences the cannabinoid content.  

Cloud Berry proves to be incredibly potent, boasting a 37:1 CBD to THC ratio, and is compliant in all states, ideally topping out at 0.19% THC. The strain’s terpene profile consists of sour cherries and heavy sweet floral notes cementing it an excellent option for smokable flower as well as extraction.  

In terms of size, Cloud Berry is perfect for both outdoor and indoor growers, as it tends to be squatter and bushier than most of our other varieties. Its shorter stalk length is less likely to clog machines allowing for easier harvest as well as post-harvest processing. In indoor situations, there is less of a risk of the plants growing too close to your supplementary light sources. So whether you’re growing in a greenhouse or on a farm, Cloud Berry is an excellent option for anyone looking to maximize their yields.  

At Blue Forest Farms, we’re always looking to provide solutions and push strains to the next level. We believe we did exactly that with Cloud Berry. With an impressively high CBD content and an ideal shape for many growing conditions, Cloud Berry is destined to be a farmer favorite.