Starting A Hemp Brand. Should You White vs Private Label? Learn the Difference

CBD consumer product line
CBD consumer product line

Starting Your Hemp Brand Business

Likely right now you’ve got more time on your hands, counting COVID blessings . I know we’ve been saying this a lot of late, but these are still unprecedented times. The Blue Forest Farms family has always been made up of farmers, entrepreneurs, and industry disruptors who are resilient and no stranger to challenges. We understand that with chaos comes a certain opportunity as well.

Drawing inspiration from tech, some of the most popular startups of today we’re birthed out of the 2008 USA economic crisis, seeing that we’re in a challenging time of today, now is a great time to get started in the hemp industry, or take your existing hemp business to the next level.

Different and Various Hemp Business Options

For being one of the oldest industrial crops even known to man, the global hemp industry is still at a very young development stage in history. Here in the United States things have picked up since 2014, fast-forward to 2020 countries from South Africa and Australia are starting to come online. We’re seeing legislation being passed, and conversations about the growth and exciting opportunities economically, socially, and environmentally leading to various business opportunities.

Harvest Hemp For Oil Business

Most of the approved legal hemp plans involve regulations for limits of THC levels indicating that growers of hemp are doing so primarily for wholesale CBD isolate and concentrate. This option is appealing to the industry because of the familiarity of people knowing how to process the Cannabis plan into oil and make other distillates in bulk. Blue Forest Farms has experience in this arena, we launched our Whats Your Number System earlier this year.

Start a Hemp Tech Company

Also earlier this year during our Future of Cannabis Webinar we learned that Cannabis specific investment firms increasingly are financing new software or platforms that impact the tech side of the hemp industry. This can be solutions for payment processing online, or in cannabis dispensaries, to at-home devices like this easy bake oven for making your very own CBD edible treats at home. If you’ve got an innovative tech idea that relates to hemp, and want to pique the interest of investors this is a good route to take.

Start a Hemp Investment Firm

Speaking of investors, ask yourself if you meet these conditions: you’re the type who would rather not get their hands dirty in the field, greenhouse, or laboratory, and you’ve got a lot of spare cash lying around. If you answered yes to both, you’re in the perfect position to become a hemp investor. You can go the traditional route and get accredited, or use sources like social media, apps, and crowdsourcing platforms to find brands looking for funding.

Social Justice Brand or Hemp Healing Center

The cannabis industry has a long history with injustices, and as we see states like California, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, joining the hemp revolution social justice organizations, non-profits, and community groups are forming business whose sole focus is to bring balance to humanity in some way through the power of this amazing plant! If you’re heart is in it, you may want to start this type of hemp business.

Flower Specialty line

An excellent business to start or expand to if you’re already growing hemp is a Flower Specialty Line. Instead of processing CBD flower for oils, you can use the hemp flower to make pre-rolled cigarettes, or sell the hemp flower in bulk. If you grow exclusive hemp strains like Hot Blonde and Queen Dream you avoid the market saturation of other strains. This is the same for growing hemp strains that are good for bulk hemp oil as well.

Growing Hemp For A White or Private Label Retail Line

One of the hemp business types that we support at Blue Forest Farms is supporting our farmers with answering the question what can you do with wholesale CBD isolate and concentrate? With our extensive lab experience and relationships we have successfully formulated unique and award winning products that can be sold direct to a consumer, or at wholesale distribution prices.

Contact us now at (303) 962-8250 to get started, mention #blueisbest to save 20% your initial white or private label order.

What’s The Difference Between White Label and Private Label

The difference between the two is minor, but important. A private label brand is sold exclusively at one retailer through an agreement between two businesses while when you start a white label brand you are taking the formulation of an already existing brand, like BFF Hemp What’s Your Number System and putting your own label (renaming and rebranding) on it to resell as your own.

Benefits of Private Label

If you already own a retail storefront that is direct to consumer, like a dispensary, health club, cafe, or you’re thinking about opening one, having a private label CBD Hemp brand in your store has a huge benefit to your business. Consumers will only be able to get that specific product offering at your location(s), therefore driving traffic directly to you increasing sales of all your services and products. You benefit from the cross marketing of the private label, and people these days enjoy being able to say they use “an exclusive brand.” It’s great for social media collaboration and attention points.

Benefits of White Label

With white label, you have way more flexibility and control. You can get creative with your branding and marketing, and because of the nature of our global economy, your return on investment opportunity is greater than the private label route. It’s also a lot easier. More brands are eager to allow white labeling of their product, and everything is ready to go from a assets perspective. It’s a plug and play solution that can easily scale.

Contact us now at (303) 962-8250 to get started, mention #blueisbest to save 20% your initial white or private label order.