Project Hatch Interview- Providing High CBD Strains

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How We Started Our Organically Grown, High-CBD Hemp Strains Farm

“The hemp industry really resonated with me.” – Trina Johnson

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The more organic, back to your roots lifestyle. We truly believe hemp changes every industry and has the power to heal the world. There’s this momentum, hustle and energy that everyone starts to feel when they work with the plant. It’s super powerful. When I was first getting started, I met the largest certified organic produce farmer in Colorado. We talked and once he was on board, I knew this was it.

So while Dave was farming, I [Trina] was doing almost everything else. A lot of that was online marketing, which is what my background is in. Having that experience was a bonus because not many people in the industry had a website. By using SEO and Google, we were already a step ahead.

In the hemp industry, be prepared to self-fund. It’s expensive to create a whole industry. We self-funded the whole journey, and it’s been a lot. We have looked for funding and partners but they never worked out. For anyone looking to get started, we recommend self-funding through your sales. Sell what you have and expand. If you only focus on funding, you’re really gambling, and there’s no way to tell if your idea is actually good. Whereas if you make one of something and sell it, make two of something and sell it, three of something and sell it, you know that if you can sell three you can probably sell four.

Your team is everything. How you vibe together, who you are… especially when it comes to creating. We’ve gotten into trouble by going outside of standard hiring practices. Not everyone works well in a start-up environment and the hiring process, selecting the best people helps us ensure our employees thrive together.

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