Using the Airis 8 Instant Touch Function:

Remove Mouthpiece
Ceramic Straw, C1 Atomizer is Installed When Airis 8 Arrives(510 Thread)
5 Quick Pushes of Power Button to Turn on/off
While holding Power Button Down Touch Your Material With C1 Atomizer and Draw off Bottom Of Airis 8
Don’t Touch Ceramic Atomizer, as it May Be Hot
Bottom of Airis 8 used to Draw in This Mode

Using the Airis 8 as Load and Go:

Remove Mouthpiece
Install Stainless C2 Load Atomizer(Screws on/off 510 Thread)
Load The C2 Atomizer With Your Material, but Don’t Over pack
Reattach the Mouthpiece
5 Quick Pushes of Power Button to Turn on/off
Press and Hold Power Button, Which Will Light up
Wait a second or so and Enjoy your Material
Top of Airis 8 Used to Draw in This Mode
Enjoy on The Road!

How to Operate Voltage:

Press The Power Button 5 Times Rapidly To Turn On/Off
Three Voltages Provided For Comfort
3.4V – Green, 3.7V – Blue, 4.2V – Red
Press Power Button 3 Times Rapidly to Change Voltage


Low Battery is Indicated By Power Light Flashing 15 Times
To Charge Connect USB Charger – Connect to USB Charging Block
A Solid Green Light Indicates a Full Charge
Universal micro USB charging port

Kit Includes:

1-Airis 8 Device
1-C1 Ceramic Straw Coil
1-C2 Load Coil
1-USB Charging Cable
1-Load Tool
3-Pipe Brushes
1-User Manual
1-Package Box

Body Material:



6 Months on Battery

3 Months on Coils