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Terry W.
Queen Dream

Great to deal with. Received extra seeds and all seeds germinated. All plants produced as they should. Very sticky and skunky.

Margaret (.
a dream...

We had a rough start… lost almost all of the plants. BUT, with the support of the Blue Forest Team, they helped us to have a successful first year with our small (very small) start up. it’s the right way to start, a team approach. Their people have been there to answer questions and to help when we needed it most. I am hoping to have an on-going relationship with this team as we harvest/processing and move into our second year!

Robert Z.
United States United States
Queen Dream and Cherry Blossom Strains

I sprouted five seeds in late Feb., 2020 and they all had good vigor. Five plants were transplanted into my raised bed near Murphy, NC in early April. One of the five got squeezed out by two others and another went down in a bad storm. Three made it to maturity (6 - 7 ft tall/width). Provided about 4 lbs of good buds, when dried. Excellent products!

Juan V.
United States United States
A Nice Strain For east central IL

Queen dream was an early finisher with thick dense sticky and smelly flowers. Several plants were larger than most and the strain was very resilient in a non irrigated field setting. No COA yet, if it analyzes nicely its a winner. Grew alongside several other strains and it shined.

John D.
United States United States
Very Good Crop

I planted about 750 plants outside in MN and have over 500 that are huge, nice color and aroma. John D

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