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Processing & Extraction

Exponentially increase the value of your end product with Blue Forest Extraction Solutions. Learn about our Ethanol and THC Free extraction processing. Organically Refined, Molecularity Stable and Always Pure. Distinguish your brand. Never settle.

Seed Sales

Browse our seed bank and find out how Blue Forest’s hemp genetics are revolutionizing the industry. Bred for terpene isolation and CBD production on the botanical side, our experts have isolated the best phenotypes for consistent, stable growing. Discover the Blue Forest Difference.

Research & Genetics

Genetics are a key component to any successful grow. Maximize your yield with our proven High CBD, terpene rich hemp strains. Bred for stability, flavor, taste and cannabinoid profile, our state approved cultivars are some of the highest producing in the market.

Product Development

Let us help you market and develop your dream product in record time. Blue Forest Farms has the infrastructure and vision to make this easy. Our in-house team of visionaries have the design, branding and creative expertise to streamline your go-to-market strategy. Work with a partner dedicated to your success.

Contracted Grow

Looking to make money in the hemp industry but unsure of where to start? Blue Forest Farms’ team of experts are here to help. Offering contracted grow and seed to sale solutions, our team has the infrastructure, experience and expertise necessary to make your dream a reality. Take your operation to the next level in a scalable, honest, transparent way. Partner with the best.

Cultivation & Harvesting

Harvesting and cultivation is a large undertaking, especially for newer farmers and smaller operations. Flower must be properly dried, transported and cured for best results. Stay ahead of the curve this harvesting season. Blue Forest offers end to end cultivation services to help you maximize your return, without the headache.

Infrastructure & Supply Chain

A well oiled supply chain is critical for an expanding brand. Growing and selling can be easy. Logistics is often another story. Ensure your operation is progressing, each and every step of the way. Learn more about our a-la-carte transport, storage, and infrastructure management solutions and be ready for whatever life brings.

Distribution & Sales

Having a healthy sales pipeline is critical to the success of any industry, and hemp is no exception. Blue Forest’s sales and BD team have established an extensive, worldwide network of industry wholesalers and high volume producers ensure your product moves quickly, and for the best price. Leverage our in-house sales team and distribute your product efficiently and economically.

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