Dedicated to quality. Committed towards creating a seamless harvest experience. Discover how to scale your operation quickly – and produce consistent, exceptional products.

Tools & Processes

Invest in processes you can count on. Harvest with confidence and ease. Learn best practices for hanging, drying, storing, and packaging. Strive for the best.


Committed to first-rate harvesting techniques. Work with our team of dedicated experts who know the true “ins and outs” of hemp harvesting. Bring your operation to the next level.

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Harvest Confidently

Harvesting is commonly overlooked, but is the most important part of a hemp crop. Its difficult, time consuming, and requires a large staff. Our experts know how to harvest – we’ve done large scale harvests of 100+ acres. Having the right infrastructure, team, equipment, and experience of a large processing job can make all the difference. BFF can provide you with consulting for a smooth harvest, including best practices for hanging, drying, storing, packaging, and trimming to ensure your investment gathers top dollar in the market.

BFF specializes in quality above all else. Learn your options. Find out how to set your grow and harvest operation up for success, including the tools you’ll need and where to store you product.

Reduce Bottlenecks

Harvesting is expensive, timely, and stressful. Discover how BFF can help you process your flower and take it straight from the farm to our extraction lab. Instead of cutting down, harvesting, and storing flowers on your own, our state of the art facility can process 6,000+ lbs a day for you.

We eliminate half of the work by providing a warehouse for you to store your product. Simplify your end of the season and take your plant from the ground and straight to our multimillion-dollar facility that can process extremely high quantities and volumes on a daily basis.

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