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Hemp Consulting

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Invest in proven, scalable solutions to efficiently drive the core of your business in a repeatable, consistent & safe manner.



Build the bridge. Innovation is the change that drives us. Distinguish your brand with an exceptional team focused on quality, above all else.



Advice you can count on when you need it the most. Transparency, integrity, fairness & trust – It’s that simple.

The Right Idea For Growth

Contract us to grow your hemp for you and gain access to a gorgeous line-up of high CBD compliant hemp strains. Offering premium oil, extracts, and isolate from the harvest, Blue Forest Farms only utilizes organic soil and farming practices. Our state-of-the-art refinement techniques ensure you receive a premium grade product that distinguishes your brand and it’s social impact.

Secure your investment – Invest in a proven organization with the background and team necessary to get the job done. BFF’s exceptional leadership, genetics and infrastructure provide a competitive advantage to farmers and business owners who are ready to make big waves in an emerging, growing industry.

Seed to Sale Solutions

Be a part of the Movement. Blue Forest’s Contracted Grow Packages are the most efficient way to scale up your business, without the risk. Our large scale infrastructure, experienced staff, and organic farming practices will ensure your harvest is a success, – without the large scale investment. Our experienced, professional and knowledgeable team specializes in growing high CBD hemp strains. Speak with with our in-house farmers. Secure your plot or acreage. Lock in exclusive flower and oil pricing this season with expert growers dedicated to making an impact. Get in our lineup – by securing your plot now, we will give you incredible pricing on oil, isolate and extraction services.

yields and cost  Yields and Cost Scenarios

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yields and cost FAQs

How are costs due?

An initial 25% deposit is due at signing to secure the space, a 25% payment will be due before planting (planting times may vary slightly) 25% will be due before the scheduled harvest, and the final 25% will be due upon delivery of your yields

Are my yields guaranteed?

Your yields are guaranteed. Your investment is protected by a large network of farms with a proven track record for success. Yields are estimated conservatively and by all rights we should outperform them. If yields on your dedicated parcel space are less than projected you will receive yields from our farms to make up for the difference.

What happens if yields are far greater than projected?

When we win, we win together! Yields in excess of 110% projected yield will be split 50/50 between blue forest farms and the contract holder. 110% is yours.

What kind of timeline can I expect for delivery?

We will provide you with a detailed time-line that shows the projected dates for planting, harvesting, processing, and delivery.

What other benefits does Blue Forest Farms offer as a partner?

Blue Forest Farms brings over 20 years of large scale, quality driven organic farming to the table. A brand and team that you can trust and be proud to have working on your behalf. We have a high level of expertise and a long history of success.

Will I get pictures/footage of the farm?

We will provide photographs of plants in your dedicated plot, drone footage taken from overhead. If you have specific media requirement we can provide a custom package for you.

Will I have an opportunity to visit the farm?

We will offer scheduled visits and activities that will give you the opportunity to interface directly with other sponsors and the members of our team and see first hand how the program is going.

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