All You Need to Know About Hemp Seedlings

Organic CBD Hemp Seedlings

What are Hemp Seedlings?

Hemp seedlings are hemp plants, grown from seed, that are typically about 21-30 days old. Unlike hemp clones, which are rooted hemp cuttings, seedlings have a taproot, which allows them to grow more vigorously.

CBD Hemp Seedlings

What are the benefits of growing hemp seedlings?

Hemp seedlings can save farmers time, money, and even space. They produce hardy plants and are easier to manage on a large scale than alternative growing methods like direct seeding.

Here are some of the benefits of growing hemp from using hemp starts:

An Extended Growing Season

Seedlings are ideal in places that have short growing seasons and potentially harsh climates. Young directly seeded hemp plants are unlikely to survive late frosts since their roots haven’t quite penetrated the soil yet. Seedlings arrive when you’re ready to plant so you’re able to work within your ideal growing schedule. Additionally, seedlings are relatively drought tolerant and more likely to survive harsh weather events than directly seeded plants.

Improved Yields

Germinating hemp seeds can take up a lot of time and space. Typically, hemp seeds will sprout in about five to ten days, but some seeds can take up to two weeks. We always recommend germinating indoors so farmers don’t run the risk of planting seeds that don’t germinate. Directly sewn seeds that don’t germinate can significantly reduce yields and negatively impact returns. Seedlings are a great option for farmers who don’t want to worry about germination rates since they’re guaranteed hemp plants.

Avoid Diseases and Pests

Germinating indoors, whether it be in a greenhouse or barn presents its own risks. Because everything is grown within close proximity, it can be difficult to manage pest or disease outbreaks in greenhouses. Outbreaks are potentially economically devastating, if farmers are unable to get them under control. Seedlings help farmers minimize the risk associated with germinating indoors and can even produce more resilient plants. At Blue Forest Farms, we inoculate our hemp seedlings with beneficial microbes to help them better with stand stress and fight of disease and pests. 

Save Time and Labor

Germinating indoors can be a costly process, whether or not a greenhouse is involved. By purchasing, hemp starts you’re able to avoid costs, time, and space associated with germinating seeds. If they’re directly seeding their hemp crop, farmers must spend a significant amount of time weeding to make sure the weeds don’t out compete their hemp plants. Seedlings are more resistant to weeds than directly seeded crops and save farmers the cost of time and labor. Beyond that, since seedlings are already germinated, farmers only have to complete one round of planting.

Seedlings are really a great option for anyone looking to grow hemp. They get rid of the need for a greenhouse or germination space, while greatly reducing a few of the risks associated with growing hemp.

Pro-tip: For an extra boost of confidence in your grow, make sure to buy seedlings from a reputable supplier that provides test results like feminization rate as well as potency.

At Blue Forest Farms, we pride ourselves on providing on the best to our partners. All of our seedlings are grown from 99% feminized seeds that have been hand selected from our genetically-vetted seed stock. Each one of our strains is optimized for high CBD ratios, appealing terpene profiles, as well as consistency in the field to improve yields during post-harvest processing.

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